Summer Tights For Work

It’s summer and it’s warm, but it doesn’t mean that you have to ditch your hosiery and go out bare legged. Many people can’t help themselves wearing summer tights for work, because either they like hosiery too much not to do so or they have to do it, even if they don’t particularly enjoy it, as part of their work etiquette. Choosing the right pair of summer tights to work isn’t always easy, but here we have some tips that will make it easier for you.

Trasparenze Silk Tights whiteWhy wear summer tights for work?

There are two main reasons to wear summer tights to work: Because you want to or because you have to. 

On the one hand, nothing can compare to the elegance of a pair of sheer tights under a pencil skirt or a fitted dress. Without tights, you risk looking unprofessional. To go out bare legged are a no-no in the business world. here’s quite a debate about the finish of your tights. Some people believe matt bare legged-effect nude tights look more professional, while others say there’s nothing like a pair of glossy tights.

One of the advantages of wearing tights in summer is the fact that you don’t really need to keep your legs perfect all the time, so there’s no need to wax as often or use fake tan. Your work colleagues will think your legs are just perfect. Besides, if your thighs happen to touch when you walk, you should know that tights prevent your thighs chaffing in the summer.

If you aren’t a fan of tights, you have some alternatives to going out bare legged:

If you aren’t a fan of tights, you have other alternatives. You can wear hold ups or stockings to work. In fact, we recently wrote about some pretty great hold ups for summer here. If you usually wear tights under trousers when it’s cold, maybe you can swap them for sheer ankle highs or knee highs to keep your legs cool. You can even go for socks with skirts, dresses and short trousers, too. Socks and sandals are a trend this season.

What should I look at when buying summer tights for work?

Trasparenze Invisible Tights
Great 5 denier-appearance tights: Trasparenze Invisible Tights

As said before, the first thing you need to look at is the finish: matte, satin, glossy or ultra glossy. If you’re going for nude tights, try to get the closest colour to your skin tone. You’ll often find yourself in between skin tones. This is very common. If you’re planning on sunbathing soon, always go for the darker tone. The darker one will always add a sunkissed look, which is ideal for summer. It takes shorter for your face and arms to get tanned than your legs, so a slightly darker tone for your tights will feel natural.

Sandal toe or open toe?

Think of the kind of shoes you wear to work, as you’ll have to choose between sandal toe tights and open toe tights. If your shoes aren’t open on the toes or you never wear sandals to work, you can also wear your reinforced-toes tights.

What denier should I go for?

We always say 10 is the ideal denier for summer, but, to avoid any last-minute accident involving ladders and pulls, it’s safer to go for 10-20 denier tights. You can always go for one of those tights that feel like ultra sheer but are, indeed, a much higher denier. The tights in the picture above, for instance, have an appearance of 5 denier, but they’re actually 17 denier tights.

You can also go for ladder-resist tights, which can be life-savers sometimes, and, if you can, it’s always good to keep a spare pair of tights in your desk, in case you ruin your tights just ten minutes before an important meeting.

What if I usually wear tights under trousers?

Many of our customers tell us that they usually wear tights under their trousers. In colder weather, this practice happens to be useful to keep your legs warm, but it becomes an issue when the temperature rises. In this case, you can try swapping for knee highs or wearing ultra sheer tights.

Are you wearing summer tights for work this month? What leg style are you going for?


  • Steve Burrows

    I love my girlfriend to wear sheer natural 10 denier tights in the summer..Matt finish is nice

  • Anonymous

    To all stocking and tight lovers. I’m a male, working in construction (Electrician) and wear hose at all days. And for sure, in the summer, sweat is an unwelcome factor, bending over and getting on your knees is a real killer for the skin. So, when it’s hot and sweaty, I wear a pair of 10D under my coveralls, just to prevent scarving off my knees. Works ood and feels great.

    • UK Tights

      Thanks for sharing it with us. We have loads of construction workers who wear cosy tights in winter. Good to know summer tights are an option for you, too! Take it easy working in this heat!
      UK Tights team

  • Anonymous

    As a CD I wear tights to work. Sometimes under a suit with long trousers but I also have suits with tailored short trousers.

    As I’m in an all female environment all day, no-one minds.

  • Maddy

    Another reason for wearing tights in the summer is that a lot of modern offices often have really cold air-con. My office is a case in point at the moment even though it’s sweltering outside! Personally I wear Charnos/Gipsy 10 den for the summer months in nude skin tones. I agree that tights give a more professional look to any outfit and they offer some warmth to the aforementioned air-con!

    • UK Tights

      Do you know what, Maddy? That’s a great point! Air-con sometimes is set up too cold and it’s easy to get a cold if you don’t wear any hosiery.
      Thanks for your comment. We hadn’t thought of that one ourselves!
      UK Tights team

  • Fabienne

    I wear tights every day to work secretary, fortunately not by obligation but simply because I love and that in addition to customer contact, the style is very important. I wear primarily matte tights in summer with a skirt, dress or cropped trousers. My favorites are Wolford Fatal15 or Pure10. I stock my shiny tights for after work that I can wear under a mini skirt or white shorts. And when I happen to wear jeans it’s always with a fishnet tights.

    • UK Tights

      Thanks for your feedback, Fabienne. Those two, Wolford Fatal 15 and Pure 10, are amazing choices. We can tell you know what you’re talking about 👍👍
      Glad we have found someone who shares our passion for hosiery!
      UK Tights team

  • Joanna

    I just encountered this article, and while my reply is late, I still would like to share my story. For two years I was in a similar situation as Maddy – I worked in an office where air conditioning was freezing in the summer. Wearing short sleeves was not practical, as after twenty minutes of sitting at my desk, I would be cold. I was also mindful of my fashion choices, as there were fewer women in the office than men, and except for one woman in sales, we mostly wore trousers. Even while wearing long sleeve blouses and shirts, as well as long trousers, I was still cold. The best solution turned out to be summer tights underneath my trousers and either suit jackets or light sweaters over my blouses and shirts. I effectively switched to autumn dressing while maintaining summer colours with my outfits. This worked well, and I wore 10 to 15 denier tights underneath my trousers each day. I appreciated wearing tights this way as I felt they always elevated the outfit. When I had an important presentation, and needed that additional confidence boost, I would add on a control brief or short in the morning over my tights as a boost. I would wear trousers as usual – and nobody was the wiser. I would only wear a dress or a skirt during client meetings – and for those days tights were non-optional, of course, and I continued adding the control underwear as well! This worked well for me and proved that it is possible and even sometimes desirable to spend the summer at work wearing tights!

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