Five reasons not to go bare legged in Summer

Is it already that time of the year when fashion magazines and webs fill up with articles on ‘how to ditch your tights’? You know; those articles where everyone seems to have perfect-looking legs and manicure, with tips on how to get your legs ready to bare legged. We want to give you five very good reasons not to go bare legged in Summer. Because… who doesn’t want to look good all year round?

What Katie Did Yellow stockings

Well, we just love hosiery so much that we cannot ditch it in Summer. We may be a little biased, but, hey, we sell much more than tights. At UK Tights, we also sell footsies and ankle highs, ideal to bare legs. All we want is for you to know your options. Then, you can make an informed choice, knowing the pros and cons of going bare legged in Summer.

Why do people go bare legged in Summer?

People decide to ditch the tights and go bare legged for a number of reasons, the most common being the arrival of Summer. As soon as it gets warm, many people decide to show off their pins. We, of course, respect it. We also have sometimes stepped out in sandals and without any hosiery when it was warm. However, we really believe there are alternatives to ditching your tights in Summer.

If the weather at your place is as unpredictable as it is here, in the United Kingdom, you must certainly agree with us. To wear tights in Summer -or stockings, if you are a stocking person- is the only way to have your legs ready for any weather changes in Spring Summer.

If the possibility of getting your legs cold or wet after a Summer or a Spring shower doesn’t scare you, check out these other good five reasons not to go bare legged in Summer.

And the first good reason is…

Reason 1: Sheer tights feel like make-up for your legs

New Charnos Simply Bare Ultra Sheer Tights

Ultra sheer hosiery feels like make-up for your legs. No hairs, spots, scars or imperfections can ruin your perfect leg look when you wear the right hosiery. The make-up effect of a pair of 10 denier tights, like these in the picture above, is only noticeable on the short distance.

On the one hand, one doesn’t have to care so much about having perfectly hairless legs when wearing hosiery. On the other hand, you don’t need to spend money on a fake tan. Having an epic fake tan fail is something that scares the hell of you, hosiery is your solution to pale legs in Summer.

Fogal All Nude 10 Denier Tights collection

At the beginning of Summer, we usually recommend upgrading your usual sheer styles for a slightly darker colour than usual. Your face and arms usually get tanned before your legs do, so this quick tip is very useful for those with fair skin that doesn’t get tanned so easily.

Reason 2: Hosiery prevents leg chafing

Anti-chafing bands and anti-chafing shorts are useful. However, we believe that wearing hosiery is the best prevention for leg chafing in Summer. Not only this. Do you know that funny feeling when you wear a skirt or a short dress without hosiery on and your legs seem to stick to your chair? That won’t happen with tights on!

Reason 3: Tights are on trend!

Haven’t you heard? Not only tights are hot right now. Sheer tights are actually cooler than ever! Of course, it doesn’t have to be plain hosiery. You can get creative as well. Go for some elegant polka dots, diamond and stripe patterns, floral lace or, of course, fishnets!

Trasparenze Black Fishnets

Reason 4: Tights with sandals are a must-wear look

In the past, fashion experts used to say that it wasn’t OK to wear tights with sandals. This has all changed in the last seasons, thankfully. Nowadays it’s cool to wear tights with sandals. Even socks and sandals are super cool, according to the fashion gurus. Not only it looks great, but hosiery will also prevent your new sandals from rubbing your feet. Win-win!

Our little bit of advice: wear sheer tights, fishnets and other patterned tights under your shorts. They look amazing!

Reason 5: You can wear open toe and sandal toe hosiery

You have more options than ever: open toe hosiery (see here some fabulous toeless tights) are a great alternative to sandal toe tights, this is those tights without reinforced toe and heel. We would stay away from reinforced tights in Summer, as it may overheat your toes.

So, what do you think? Have you reconsidered it? Would you decide not to go bare legged in Summer?


  • Randy Pierce

    Myself I never go bare leg I wear daily as fashion. To me it’s the art of wearing as fashion only look and I wear all tights from any color to any design all look fantastic on even if I can’t wear openly for obvious reasons till the day comes that I can.

  • Sheila Summers

    Hi being male and a _________ well leave it to your imagination, have collected quite a stock differing tights. Love the feel on my bare legs when dressed. Although I don’t wear them for work, but wear tights whenever the opportunity allows.
    Love buying all my supplies from UK Tights, and will continue to do so, the service is first class

  • Roger Bertrand

    I think that your remarks are right on. Those that can’t stand them will always find a motive to take them off. Many times this results because:
    1. They buy the cheapest they can find
    2. Do not understand “denier” hence buy whatever thickness they find
    3. Do not buy the right size
    That being said, when it is above 30ยบ C I can see their point of view, but when the temperature varies from 15/18 in the morning to a peak 25/28 I don’t understand how it can feel so warm.
    Anyway from my point of view two long ice cicles legs really do not look to attractive, especially with blemishes and blue veins. Here again the people with cinnamon skin or olive skin do not have that issue. It’s a question of taste and opinion. I prefer hosiery legwear [tights or knee highs] anytime over bare leg or cotton socks.

    • UK Tights

      Hi Roger!
      Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts. We couldn’t agree more with you. We ourselves sometimes don’t wear hosiery and go for ankle highs, footsies or nothing at all. But yeah, there are plenty of options for those who don’t feel like stepping out bare legged. We feel there is too some peek pressure to ditch the tights as soon as the calendar says Summer is approaching. For us, finding the right denier and the right style is vital. We can see you got our point and we are not alone in this belief.
      Thanks again.
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • Craig

    I think shorts and tights is a look I am going for this year. I also want to wear shorts that are so wide legged they look like I have a skirt on.

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