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Four Sure-Fire Ways To Wear Coloured Tights The Right Way

Trasparenze Sophie 70 Denier Opaque Tights black blue pink

How exactly do you wear coloured tights? Coloured tights can be bold, or they can be gentle and soft, but they are always an eye-catching choice, and even the most subtle pastel shade can add something to your outfit that might overpower it. But surely we don’t want you to give up on these wonderful fashion innovations? Not at all! Instead, let’s think about how we can best use them to make your outfit something special. Here are four looks you can achieve with coloured tights where they join forces with the rest of your outfit perfectly.

1. Wear Coloured Tights For A Neutral Backdrop

When people think of the word “neutral” they often think of grey and black, but these often don’t compliment colour as well as you might think. Instead, creams and ivory are a fantastic choice for the more powerful shades out there. Combine cream jumpers with rich autumnal colours like burnished oranges and cocoa browns. And you will find your outfit keeps its identity whilst acting as a canvas for your coloured tights.

2. Shades And Hues, When Less Is More

Having said all that, there is a place for black and grey and other super dark shades. Of course, black clothing is one of the fundamentals of any fashionable outfit. here is where you want to take out the influence of the natural world. The earthy tones we recommended above are less suited for the steeliness of silver and obsidian black. Here you want complimentary cool colours, like shades of blue, purple and violet, and perhaps darker greens like camouflage and bottle. The black and green combo is a great way to get a militaristic or secret agent look.

3. You Can Wear Coloured Tights With Sumptuous Suits

This is perhaps the trickiest to get right but can be one of the best looking and most creative if you do. Pairing workwear like a nice skirt with coloured tights is a task but will produce a great look if you can do it well. Black or charcoal suits are ideal for something just as dark, like impenetrable purples and a deep blood red. Something like a grey plaid would go perfectly with a moss green or lilac, anything with a dose of the rural in it.

Trasparenze Purple Oleandro Coloured tights

4. Delightful In Denim

Denim is a great material and something known, quite rightfully, to be among the most versatile items of clothing. It can be especially good with coloured tights, and the current love of the fashion world is stonewash denim. With that in mind, this approach will be perfect for the more sweet and sumptuous colours. Pair with lime greens, sugary pinks and sky blues for a Flower Power inspired look. Now it’s your turn to speak up and tell us how do you wear coloured tights?


  • Randy Pierce

    Usually when wearing colored tights doing my own fashion photos I wear a mini skirt and heels. I have denim, red, purple, turquoise. white, wet look black then if want to add a glitz looks to my photos I put on a lurex mini skirt many colors to choose from. Then of course denim short shorts with sneakers or heels if home might just relax in my tights if out under my ripped jeans.

  • ribbedtights

    Great article … great news!! Like most, I like my opaque black tights, but a splash of colour makes such a difference. It makes me smile if I’m wearing coloured tights and I am super impressed if I see someone else wearing coloured tights.

    I hope everybody reads this article and buys more coloured tights!

  • Jerald

    My wife is 72 years old. Her legs do not look good but when she puts on a pair of tights, they are the most perfect legs around. I want her to wear mini skirts and shorts with tights but she says she is to old. I think , in her case, there is no age limit to beautiful legs. Please advertise tights with shorts.

  • UK Tights Customer

    I love coloured tights. I add to my collection when ever I can. A nice skirt is the finishing touch that you need for a perfect look.

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