Leona Lewis Wear Jonathan Aston from UK Tights

Leona Lewis wear lace tights
Source: You magazine/Mail Online | Photograph: Elisabeth Hoff

The latest edition of You Magazine, and on the Mail Online, features an interview with Leona Lewis. The photography is beautiful, the article is great, but we’re most excited about the caption under the main picture.

“Leona wears: … tights, Jonathan Aston from UKTights.com”

Leona Lewis is certainly one of modern music’s most inspiring successes and to see something of yours on a celebrity is rather exciting. It’s like meeting them but you feel it’s okay to shriek.

We’re very excited to see one of our favourite designs being worn with such finesse and style, but we’re even more excited to see that we helped make that photoshoot possible. You can read the whole interview by Jane Gordon in You magazine here.

Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Lace Tights
Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Tights are one of the most popular styles of patterned tights at UKTights.com

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