Why More Women Wear Stockings for Work?

Are you a stockings person or a tights person? Many people like wearing all of them: tights, hold ups and stockings, but let’s admit it, you always end up wearing one of these styles more often. We have gone through our sales and reviewed hosiery trends and celebrity legwear looks and we came out with interesting findings: More and more women wear stockings for work these days, particularly female business women. A new generation of women in business prefers to wear stockings to the office.

Le Bourget Retro 20 Denier Stockings for work

More Entrepreneur Women Wear Stockings to the office:  Le Bourget Retro 20 Denier Stockings – £11.99

Stockings Are Moving Outside The Bedroom: 

Nobody can deny there’s something sexy in every pair of stockings, that’s why stockings always look stunning with boudoir-inspired hosiery. Lace top fishnets are very popular to combine with your hosiery, although, as often happens in fashion, the choice of flat top stockings or lace top stockings is simply a matter of personal taste, rather than a trend-related matter. Most people prefer going for simple plain stockings for work, rather than fashion stockings with back seams or fully fashioned stockings.


Everyday Sheer stockings As seen on Fated & Fabled Magazine: Gipsy Sheer Smooth Knit Stockings (Gold Box) – £1.99 (Source: Fated & Fabled ‘Three is Green’ | Fashion Director Christobelle Bachellor | Photograph Mehul Derodra) 

If you feel like following this growing trend, make sure you also buy a good quality suspender belts to give you all the security and comfort stockings wearers need. Many customers have shared with us an easy tip for wearing stockings all day long. Instead of wearing your stocking belt over your underwear, try doing the opposite: wearing your underwear over your suspender belt. It may not look as sexy but bear in mind that a working day can be long. You will save time with this tip since you won’t have to readjust your stockings.

Pierre Mantoux Avant Guard 20 Hold Ups

If you prefer the extra support of a silicone band, you can always go for hold ups. You shouldn’t need any suspender belt with hold ups, but you can still the suspender belt if you like how it looks together.

UK Tights’ Best-selling Stockings for Work: 

Take a look at UK Tights Hosiery Statistics for more information about stockings sales in the UK.


  • corsair

    My personal choice is to stay up Wolford Satin Touch model for a perfect fit and beautiful lace garter part. To add a touch both glamorous and sexy, I sometimes worn with suspender belt door even if it is not necessary

  • Steve

    My wife wears cheaper lycra stockings to work a few days a week with an 8 strap suspender belt. Then weekends i’m lucky that she likes to wear RHT or mainly fully fashioned stockings. Be it date night alone at home or if we visit a friends for dinner.
    Fully fashioned are so lovely and sexy if worn with the right outfit. Top that off with a pair of louboutin high heels and she looks amazing.

    • UK Tights

      Hi Steve, thanks for your comment. A pair of Louboutin must look amazing with fully fashioned stockings! Lucky man 🙂
      Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter not to miss any of our future offers in RHT stockings! team

  • Robert Manton

    I love to see A nice woman in stockings and suspenders they are A real turn on for men! i know that the sight of stockings and suspenders make me very horny and rock hard as well. I just love the sight of them!

  • Anonymous

    I personally prefer tights and have done so since I was a young boy, my sister always wore tights so tights were my first experience, and when I do wear all day I find tights much more comfortable

  • Helen Middleton

    After many years wearing tights almost full time, under work trousers, I now choose hold ups. Among my circle of friends in the transvestite community, tights rank below stockings and hold ups in the order of preference. I tried wearing stockings with a suspender belt, but always found the belts difficult to wear – probable a lot to do with my shape! Hold ups are the answer, especially Glamory and Wolford. I go for 20 denier, with a flat band at the thigh. i like them to go as high up the thigh as possible. I wear them 24/7, with skirts and dresses.

    • UK Tights

      This is very interesting insight, Helen. We do find that tights are the most popular overall, but it’s true that more and more people are moving towards hold ups and stockings. Glamory and Wolford are a fab option for larger legs and thicker thighs; very comfortable! Unfortunately, some people cannot wear hold ups because of the latex adhesive band (eg. you have to have your legs shaved).
      As for the stockings for every day, there are a few brands of lingerie that offer briefs with detachable suspender straps to wear with your stockings or as a regular brand. Our sister website UK Lingerie has some of these styles if you fancy taking a look.
      Thanks for your comment!
      UK Tights team

  • Suzanne B

    Looks like I’m late to the party, but, yes, I wear stockings and thigh highs to work. I find them to be far more convenient and they do make me feel sexier. Donna Karan makes very good nylons, as does Nordstrom. I will also wear Wolford as well, but they are rather pricey. I do wear tights (or full pantyhose) if my dress or skirt is short, but that’s usually not the case for work.

  • Jane

    I personally love wearing stockings and suspenders with a tight shapewear thong under a knee length skirt, it always feels sexy when I’m out and about wearing stockings with high heels.

  • Karen Smith

    I only ever wear stockings as I have a real dislike for tights which I find uncomfortable, I wear 6, 8 and 10 strap suspender belts. open bottom girdles and in the colder weather a corselette and they all work well for me keeping my stockings up without the fear of them coming unclipped. I find wearing the girdles and corseletes there are virtually no tell tale bumps on show so I can be descreat when I don’t want men to know what I am wearing, if i am feeling sexy a good quality suspender belt and a nice tight pencil skirt with a slit at the rear often gets me admiring glances from men who spot the tell tale bumps.,

  • Julie Richards

    I’ve a;ways worn stockings for work and foe the rest of the day as well, apart from the practical – ladder one and replace just one as I always have one stocking in my handbag just in case there’s also the the felling of empowerment, I’ve sat in many business meetings discreetly wearing stockings firmly held up with a quality six strap suspender belt or an open bottom girdle and felt if only the men in the meeting new what i was wearing there would soon all be agreeing with me if you know what I mean girls. I also have to say they are so much more comfy than tights, I have often thought how lucky the ladies in the fifties and early sixties were to look so shapely helped by some of the variety of girdles available which make them lokk so incredibly shapely especially when wearing a pencil skirt and blouse..

  • Anonymous

    I find that wearing a bikini panty under my suspender belt gives me more than enough room to pull it down during a bathroom break. I love wearing a suspender belt and stockings with my favorite skirts and dresses.

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