What Are The Best Hosiery Brands For Petite Sizes?

Do you remember we recently posted about the best hosiery brands for tall people? Finding long enough tights is a problem for many people and so it is finding hosiery if you are short or simply small. When you are petite, many stockings and hold ups don’t stay, while many tights are baggy. As a general rule, we always say Italian hosiery brands have a shorter and smaller fit than other brands, which is exactly what petite people look for. Take a look at our guide of the best hosiery brands for petite sizes.


Get the look: Oroblu Creative Footless Tights – £14.99 

Best Petite Hosiery Brand: Pierre Mantoux


Pierre Mantoux Avant Guard 20 Hold Ups – £16.99 

Best Hosiery Brand for Short People: Max Mara


Max Mara Berna Tights – £8.99 

Best Everyday Hosiery Brand for Petite: Gipsy


Gipsy Luxury Better Than Bare Tights – £4.99 

Trasparenze: the Largest Hosiery Collection for Petite Sizes 


Trasparenze Ematite Tights – £11.99 (Also available in hold ups) 

Sexy in Petite: Girardi 


Girardi Capricieuse Strip Panty Tights – £40.99 £50.99 

Beautiful and Fine for Petite Sizes: Oroblu 


Oroblu Divine Hold Ups – £17.99

More Brands of Hosiery for Petite Sizes:

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