Pretty Legs

There is something quite special about the brand Pretty Legs that we're very excited about, and if we are to put it in one word, it would be "legacy". Pretty Legs tights started production with the good old fashioned traditional values in mind. They were founded in Leicestershire, the very heart of Britain's wool and textiles industry for centuries, and since then they have never moved from their first home since the year 1959. They have built a strong company that hass lasted well over half a century, the reins of which have been passed down from one generation of the same family to the next. This is what we mean by traditional company values. But there is even more to their identity than that. After all of this they still do the one thing we will always admire, they refuse to ship their work, any of it, abroad. Everything from manufacturing to designing to customer services is handled in their one site. They have a strong legacy that matters to them more than anything else and it certainly shows. Their range encompasses everything from simple sheers to heavily patterned fashion tights, but each one is designed and made by time-served craftsmen that know their trade better than anyone else. If you want care, attention to detail, quality and pride in your leg wear, Pretty Legs have it all.

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