New in: Miss Naughty Hosiery

A new brand for affordable sexy hosiery has arrived to UK Tights. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to Miss Naughty Hosiery!

Miss Naughty New brand hosiery uk tights

Why do we love Miss Naughty stockings, tights and suspender belts? 

Miss Naughty’s objective is bringing glamour and a sexy touch to your outfits. To do so, they offer quality hosiery at an affordable price and (now this is the part we love the most) they offer all their hosiery designs in regular and plus sizes! If you are a curvy lady, Miss Naughty hosiery is about to become your signature brand. Keep reading!

Miss Naughty Satin Wet Look Suspender Belt & Matching Stockings

Miss Naughty plain suspender belt with stockings

Miss Naughty Wet Look Suspender Belt (£8.99) and matching Miss Naughty Luxury Sheer Stockings (£5.99 in regular size and £6.99 in plus size)

If you are looking for a beautiful suspender belt, don’t look any more. The one in the picture above is simple but yet full of glamour.

Miss Naughty Deep Lace Suspender Belt & Matching Stockings

Miss Naughty Deep Lace Suspender Belt

Miss Naughty Deep Lace Suspender Belt and Stockings Set (£15.99 in sizes Small, Medium & Large and £19.99 in plus size -XL, XXL & XXXL-

Do you love this lace suspender belt but you want to pair it with your own stockings? No problem! You can buy them individually, too. Miss Naughty Deep Lace Suspender Belt cost as little as £10.99 in S/M/L sizes and £12.99 in Plus size.  If, on the contrary, you are only interested in purchasing the stockings above, you can find them for as little as £5.99 in regular size and £6.99 in plus size.

Miss Naughty 50 Denier Opaque Crotchless Tights 

Miss Matisse 50 Denier Opaque Crotchless tights

If you like wearing crotchless tights, you must already know how difficult is finding opaque crotchless tights out there. Luckily, Miss Naughty 50 denier Opaque Tights are coming very soon to UK Tights!

Miss Naughty Suspender Tights (£7.99)

Miss Naughty Suspender TightsSuspender tights have never stopped being on trend. Miss Naughty suspender tights are a clean yet elegant opaque design. Perfect pair of Fashion Tights to pair with your winter outfits, no matter your dress size, since they go up to XXL size!

Are you also in love with Miss Naughty Hosiery? What is your favourite design? Tell us!

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