Love Luna Lady Leaks: Hate Leaks; Love Luna

Let’s talk about lady leaks, maternity, menstruation and menopause. Do you also hate lady leaks? We do! We hate leaks, but we love our newest brand. We 💗 Love Luna Lady Leaks, a new brand of lingerie who will make you feel empowered and comfortable. Leave all worries behind, because Love Luna underwear is fantastic to build your self-confidence.

What’s so special about Love Luna underwear?

Discreet and confident, Love Luna Lady Leaks is a discreet brand of leak proof briefs that will give you peace of mind. It looks like normal underwear and, indeed, can be washed multiple times. Love Luna fans would tell you that they usually have a few pairs they wash and wear again, as soon as they have dried. These briefs can be worn and washed up to 50 times while looking as absorbent as day one. It just looks and feels like normal underwear. And, in case you were asking yourself the question, nobody can tell the difference from outside.

Love Luna Period Pants for women

An environmentally-friendly solution to menstruation

Like other ‘period pants’ and leak-proof underwear, Love Luna is a great alternative to other disposable hygienic products, such as sanitary towels, tampons, pantyliners and incontinence pads. If you want to take the plastic out of your periods, Love Luna is a fabulous brand to try out.

Also, since you save up on tampons and pads and Love Luna underwear isn’t an expensive product, you end up saving money.

What is the best Love Luna leak-proof brief for me?

Love Luna underwear types of briefs

Let’s find out which of our Love Luna anti-leak briefs best suits your needs:

Love Luna period briefs

Our Love Luna period underwear can be worn as a back-up or with nothing at all. They have four layers of absorbency and protection against any annoying accidental leaks. The closest layer to your skin is made of a soft cotton lining and the extra layers are absorbent, breathable and waterproof. Whether you are at home, at work or at the gym, you can rest knowing you are protected from any unwanted leaks.

Leak-proof period pants by Love Luna

Introducing Love Luna for Lady Leaks briefs

Probably every woman can share a story about an embarrassing (yet, sometimes hilarious) leak story. If you also hate leaks, you’ll love Love Luna Lady Leaks underwear. Again, these briefs have 4 layers, the closest to your skin being cotton. Again, it’s absorbent, breathable and, of course, waterproof.

You cannot see it and hardly notice it, but one of the internal layers is an antibacterial and anti-odour quick-dry layer. So, you don’t have to worry about anyone noticing it. This simply won’t happen to you when you wear Love Luna for lady leaks underwear.

What do you say, do you feel like giving these a try? Prices start at only £10. Everyone who tries Love Luna underwear tells us they are amazing. Get your first pair with free delivery at UK Lingerie.

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