Festival Season: The UK Tights’ Festival Edit

The Festival Season is here! Glastonbury Festival, the most well-known music festival in the UK, is only one week ahead. This means it’s time to put together the hottest hosiery for the festival season, including the Summer hit: Fishnets! Ready for the UK Tights’ Festival Edit?

Fishnets Tights are the Summer’s Must-Have Style for the Festival Season!

Black Fishnets tights by Jonathan Aston London
Jonathan Aston Fishnet Tights- £5.99

If there’s a must-wear style for the festival season, it’s definitely the fishnet tights, as seen on Kylie Jenner in Coachella 2016 Festival. How to wear your fishnets for a festival? 

Wear your fishnets with denim shorts & mini dresses. Go for comfy trainers,  wellies or ankle-high boots for a comfy but chic look!

 Do you Dare to Embrace the Whale Net Trend?

Silky whale fishnet tights

We have seen whale net tights in Charlize Theron, Alexa Chung and Pia Mia in the last weeks. While micro net fishnets and regular fishnets are easier to style in both smart or urban styles, whale net fishnets seem perfect for a total urban look. Isn’t that what you want to look like in a festival? Embrace your Punk side with the Silky Scarlet Whale Net Tights (£3.99).

The Perfect Fashion Fishnets to Catch Everyone’s Eyes


Silky Scarlet Star Fishnet Tights (£5.99) & Kunert Net Oversized Check Fashion Tights (£15.99)

If you are looking for a distinctive look, try wearing any of these two styles above. Star patterns are walking their way back to fashion, while diamond and geometric prints are very hot at the moment!

Don’t forget your Opaques!


Trasparenze Sophie 70 Denier Opaque Tights
We have over 20 colours of these opaque tights to choose from!

Weather in the UK is always unpredictable and you have to be ready for the Summer weather. Pack a pair of opaque tights in case it’s rainy or chilly out there. Although black opaque tights are always useful, you can go for some coloured opaques. White, baby pink, sky blue, emerald green and cobalt blue are some of the top colours for opaque tights this season. Alexa Chung, Gwen Stefani and Pixie Geldof have been spotted wearing opaque tights at musicals. If you feel black opaques are too simple for you, you can also go for a pair of lurex tights! 

More Great Hosiery Styles Perfect for the Festival Season:

  • Over the knee socks
  • Plain top opaque hold ups
  • Opaque knee highs (they look ideal with wellies)
  • Black leather look leggings


  • EmmyLou666

    Opaques are great if it’s cold, but not in the rain; cold wet tights stuck to your legs for hours is desperately uncomfortable.

    Whalenets would be a much better alternative (just remember to put some thin ankle socks underneath to stop your toes poking through the holes).

    Bare legs and over the knee socks is the best of all for comfort and practicality.

    • UK Tights

      Great tips Emma! We agree with the over the knee socks… besides, if they get really wet and muddy, you can quickly change them, as you’d do with your regular socks
      Thanks for your comments!

  • Randy

    Me weather it be fishnets, fence nets, others called pothole I love to wear a nice quality high gloss sheer pantyhose under mine. It gives my legs a high shine that shows thru in net tights and looks stunning. Now if cold out you can layer your net tights over opaque’s to give a different fashion look

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