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8 Cute And Affordable Lingerie Brands To Get To Know

We know you love reading about lingerie and nightwear but, let’s be honest here, we shouldn’t always talk about luxury designer lingerie. Guilty, we know, but who can blame us when our fine lingerie is so beautiful! Some of you may not have large shopping budgets or simply don’t like spending too much on lingerie. These eight lingerie brands are just for you.

We know all there’s to know about the best everyday brands of lingerie and we want to share with our list of the best cutest yet affordable lingerie brands you should be following right now, in rigorous alphabetic order.

Making a selection isn’t that easy really, but we hope we have done our best. Some of these brands have just arrived at UK Lingerie; some others have been with us for a while. We love them all, though. After all, we carefully choose the brand names we stock. We wanted to shorten this list to the best five, but who can choose when all of them are equally brilliant?

Keep reading if you want to know more about the most amazing yet affordable lingerie brands out there!

Charnos Lingerie

Charnos was one of the first brands our sister site UK Tights stocked. Twelve years later, we’re more than pleased with Charnos. After the success of Charnos hosiery and shapewear, it was about the time we started to sell Charnos lingerie, right? Charnos bras and briefs manage to make you look pretty and confident at the same time. The secret? A good fitting and a classic timeless style. Charnos bras are around £30 and briefs around £15. Plus size and DD+ cups available!

Fantasie Lingerie

Fantasie Olivia Underwired Floral Bra and brief
Fantasie Olivia collection is one of Fantasie’s lovely floral styles

Even before we were stocking Fantasie bras and briefs at UK Lingerie we knew how good the brand Fantasie is at making women’s lingerie. We have stocked Fantasie swimwear at our sister site UK Swimwear for a number of years. With bras from £41 and briefs from £19, Fantasie isn’t the cheapest brand of lingerie, but neither an expensive name and a great DD+ lingerie brand as well. And, yes, you can guess it: it’s great quality for the price!

Gossard Lingerie

Gossard Carmen Embroidered Bra & Brief
BUY: Gossard beautiful-embroidered bra with matching brief or thong

Gossard lingerie is one of the most beautiful affordable lingerie brands in the United Kingdom. Like Charnos, Gossard is a well-known name in the apparel industry. With briefs starting at £15 and bras at £35, one could picture Gossard as another brand of everyday lingerie. However, Gossard is beautifully designed and trimmed with much care. Besides, why not saying this? Gossard lingerie styles are designed to be shown!

Lepel Lingerie

Lepel Matilda Push Up Bra
NEW: Lepel Matilda Push Up Bra

Designed in the UK, Lepel lingerie inspires in the cosmopolitan woman who wants to look good “on the go”. If you take a close look at Lepel’s collection, you’ll soon realise how important the women figure is for the minds behind Lepel. In this sense, Lepel bras are supportive but, above all, very flattering, while Lepel briefs adapt to your moves and your curves. This is the kind of lingerie you’ll want to wear from morning to night! From the office to the party!

… and, of course, Lepel London!

Lepel London Tia Longline Bra And lace thong
NEW: Lepel London Longline Bra with matching thong!

If you love Lepel lingerie, you’ll definitely lose it for Lepel’s youngest range, aka Lepel London. We have chosen a picture of one of our favourite Lepel London bras, which is a longline style, but you’ll find some gorgeous triangle bras in our new lingerie range, as well as the cutest red lace bodysuit. Bras start at £20 and matching briefs at £10. That’s right; as little as that. With such unbeatable prices, you’ll want to make yours the whole collection!

Playtex Lingerie

Playtex is one of those brands of lingerie you’ve always heard of. Still, many women don’t try Playtex because the brand reminds them of their mothers. It’s true that, traditionally, Playtex bras and briefs have been a favourite of mature women, but things have changed. Playtex still manufactures the comfy undies that made its name popular, that’s true. However, Playtex has also designed a full new range of styles, like the one in the picture above. This revamp makes Playtex lingerie are ideal for all ages. With bras starting at £25 and briefs at £14, Playtex offers great quality and fashion at a small price.

Pretty Polly Lingerie

Pretty Polly sounds more like a brand of affordable hosiery, rather than lingerie, right? Just like the tights, Pretty Polly lingerie simply does what it says. Pretty simple, actually. It feels comfortable from day to night. With its cotton styles and its lace bralettes, bras and briefs, this is the kind of lingerie you wash and wear over and over. Some of Pretty Polly lace briefs cost as little as £6 and, for £10, you can get a 3 pair pack set. Available in a range of sizes and colours, bras and bralettes start at £14.


We couldn’t finish our list of the cutest and most affordable lingerie brands without one of the timeless brands of lingerie for women: Wonderbra! There’s a general misconception about the price of Wonderbra bras, which some people believe to be expensive. This couldn’t be more wrong. On the contrary, Wolford lingerie is more affordable than ever. Take the example of the twin pack in the picture above. For £30, you get a black and a white bra. If you want to know more about Wonderbra, here is a post about how Wonderbra changed the lingerie industry you can take a look.

So, tell us: Do you have a new favourite brand of affordable lingerie? Is there any other lingerie brand you think is worth mentioning? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

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    Affordable yet fabulous! This lingerie exceeds expectations. Quality materials, flattering designs, and unbeatable prices. My go-to for feeling sexy without breaking the bank. Highly recommend!

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