Summer: Time for a Change

Trasparenze Chopin TightsSummer is not what it used to be.

It seems that Summer is getting shorter every year, and if you live in Britain, you’ll have opened the curtains this morning and realised that it’s time for duffel coats.

So, as a dedicated fashion tights Blogger and leg wear expert, I thought I might recommend a few items to keep you nice and warm until October time, when the Autumn/Winter fashion season starts.

Kunert Warm Up Tights spring to mind. These tights are built for winter wear and designed to retain heat. If you need something to tackle arctic lows, these are for you.

If you don’t need this kind of super warm leg wear just yet, a lighter cotton pair might be better for you. Falke Cotton Touch will be just the ticket. These are our softest tights, and I recommend them to everyone looking for comfort and warmth. They’re also designed by one of the best manufacturers of hosiery in the world, Falke, and are beautifully made. I can’t recommend these enough if you want to start your perfect Winter wardrobe.

These items are all popular classics, but if you absolutely cannot wait for the new Winter fashion tights, we have the perfect item, Trasparenze Chopin, which comes in both tights and footless. This item is one of our best sellers, and as an extra treat, they seem to have both been lowered in the sale! These tights are crocheted, so they feel like a woolly jumper, and because they are made with 70% Lana wool, they are some of the comfiest of our fashion tights.

But you might be saying, “But I live in a much hotter place than the UK, what about me?!” Well, if you’re weather is getting warmer this time of year, I’d recommend our sheer tights section. These are all fantastic if you still see the sun from time to time and our Fashion Tights section always has both Summer and Winter designs in it.

I hope this will keep you looking fabulous for the next few weeks until Autumn/Winter properly starts. Your best-loved brands should be arriving in no time, so keep an eye out for them on our site, or subscribe to my blog via email for free, and receive automatic updates. And don’t worry to much about those grey skies, we’ve chosen some very exciting designs this year, so you definitely have something to look forward to.


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