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The Top 10 Tights Trends For 2020 You Need In Your Life

Autumn Winter 2019 is THE SEASON for wearing fashion tights. Sorry, stockings fans, tights rule at the moment. There’s so much choice at UK Tights! Don’t be overwhelmed by the offer, though. Here’s your chance to know what are the top tights trends for 2020. Get your card ready, because you are going to want them all.

Lurex tights are perfect in 2020 no matter the occasion

80 denier lurex tights by Italian brand Pierre Mantoux

In the photo, Pierre Mantoux Vertigo Lurex Tights, a best-selling style of Pierre Mantoux, now back to stock

Lurex tights have always been the No. 1 legwear style to match with your partywear and, because of this, very popular around Christmas. However, sparkles are huge right now. Some of the fashion stylists we work with have shared a little secret with us: lurex tights will be everywhere in 2020, paired with denim, leather, tulles, thick knits, etc. We couldn’t be happier about this. Lurex tights make your legs stand out like no other style.

Fashion tights in 2020 are all about the ’70s… or are they?

The last two seasons have sought inspiration in the amazing ’70s print. Do you remember we talked about it here as soon as we spotted it in the catwalks? The floral and geometric prints of the ’70s fashion are still strong, but we can clearly see some 1980s influence. After all, who hasn’t noticed that the black sheer tights and the coloured sheer tights are huge this season? Let’s start with the 1970s inspired tights.

You need some florals patterned tights

Golden floral and baroque patterned opaque tights
0roblu’s History collection is 70s-inspired. Shop the look

Both floral patterned tights and floral lace tights are the very top trend of the moment in the tights world. We’ve seen them in a large number of fashion catwalks, even in the Couture shows. Cecilia de Rafael, Trasparenze and Oroblu have some amazing floral prints and patterns you should definitely take a look.

If you die for a true ’70s look, check out the exotic Oroblu History 1979 Cachemire Print Tights. They have some strong vintage vibes!

And, of course, some geometric prints

Geometric diamond twist opaque tights
These Oroblu geometric printed tights look amazing with knee-high boots

We cannot talk of the 1970s without talking about the gorgeous geometric patterns of this age. Diamonds, stripes and wavy motifs are very flattering and can make your legs look longer. These kind of fashion tights are ideal to upgrade a boring look and are suitable for all age groups, so, if you are over your 50s and you feel like some patterns aren’t just for you, you should invest in some new geometric printed tights. Trust us!

The ’70s plaids, a classic style

These Pretty Polly plaid tights are so easy to wear!

Tartan tights aren’t exclusive for Burns Night. Plaids are one of those vintage prints that come and go. After the ’70s, they were a hit back in the ’90s. Now they’ve walked their way into fashion and we’ll see plenty of plaid tights and checked tights in 2020.

There’s only one rule when you wear tartan tights: don’t overdo it. Wear them with plain outfits (not plain in the sense of boring, but plain like leather, denim, suede and one-tone outfits, like an all-black look).

Back to the ’80s: It’s time for the animal prints

Wolford animal print 2019 tights
Just arrived & ready to buy: Wolford Leopard Tights

Not to repeat ourselves, but animal prints are having their moment. We are totally loving the look. Since our post about the top animal printed tights of the season, we have received some more interesting styles. It’s not only leopard tights that are hot. Zebra, cheetah, snakeskin… you’ll see more of these in 2020.

Crazy for the logo tights

Golden Patterned black opaque tights by OROBLU
The ultimate logo tights for the fans of Oroblu. Buy here

Logos are in. We saw them in the fashion catwalks a couple seasons ago. Then, celebrities like Kylie Jenner wore it and they were everywhere in the music festivals. This year, COSMOPOLITAN and METAL magazine went crazy for the CdR logo tights. Oroblu has this elegant version of the logo tights we can’t help loving. It’s the “O” of Oroblu, reproduced as a mocked-up fishnet with rings. Ideal for the 2020’s winter.

Hotter than ever:

These two following hosiery styles have never been out of fashion, really. However, we cannot keep them on the shelves these days and, looking at the higher and higher demand, it looks like we’ll see plenty of these fashion tights in 2020 as well.

Ribbed tights for Autumn-Winter

These Jonathan Aston ribbed tights are ideal to beat the cold!

A classic of every winter, knits are especially trendy at the moment. You can expect a lot more of cosy ribbed tights in 2020. Black and beige were the to-go colours for knit tights in the past, but these days you can also go for grey, brown, navy and more. Great combined with a warm cuppa for toasty legs and toes.

Black Polka dot tights are the new must-have hosiery style

Katie Holmes, Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore are some of the latest celebrities spotted in black polka dot tights. Just like in 2019, sheer polka dot tights are one of the top tights trends for 2020. We don’t know about you, but we can’t have enough of this leg style. A good pair of black polka dot tights can look good with any outfit, from dresses, skirts… even paired with shorts.

Two new tights trends for 2020 you can wear right now

Jewel-tone tights

Six coloured opaque tights: turquoise, fuchsia, emerald, amathyst, mustard, cobalt blue
The CdR Chacal tights are great for the price!

What are the top colour trends for 2020? We’ll tell you everything in another post very soon. We promise! To whet your appetite for what is to come, we are going to share a secret with you. Loads of fashion stylists are asking for jewel-tone tones: sapphire, emerald, ruby, amethyst and topaz.

We happen to have them all in stock. From the best coloured opaque tights to some of our best-selling coloured sheer tights, so we have it all covered.

Recycled tights

Black recycled opaque tights
The Gipsy Eco opaque tights are 99% recycled

Something is changing in the hosiery world. Hosiery manufacturers are going greener. Charnos is the last company to join the trend of the tights made of recycled yarns. Pamela Mann, Gipsy, Wolford and Pierre Mantoux are have joined the movement. We love to see our hosiery brands going greener.

Now it’s your turn to tell us what of these 2020 tights trends are you already wearing. We’d love to hear from you. Which of these you are going for next?


  • Randall Pierce

    The tights above would be hard to pick just one style I love wearing colored tights, print tights, lurex tights their all fantastic looking and have many that I enjoy wearing as fashion. My picks vary from day to day is all about fashion to me.

    • UK Tights

      We have a secret plan to make you buy them all, Randall 😊😊 We are glad it’s working hehe.
      Thanks for your comment.
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • Anonymous

    You have so many beautiful tights to pick from….. but there are so many that do not fit the plus size sad…we like to wear the pretty tights too.

  • Mary

    So glad to see sheer tights getting popular again, truly my favorites are the suntan colors then black for winter. Growing up in the 70’s when all women wore mini skirts and suntan pantyhose was an amazing experience. Basically the reason I have a drawer full of Wolfords, Falke and other sheer styles of tights, can’t get enough. UK Tights is the best source on the planet for quality hosiery and variety. Love how I keep getting suggestions for new tights I’ve not had the pleasure of before. Definitely a conspiracy to keep me buying tights, thanks and don’t stop!

    • UK Tights

      Thanks for following our blog. We are also huge fans of the sheer tights in all sorts of colours!
      Please, don’t tell anyone about our conspiracy to make you all keep buying tights. Let it be our secret 😊🀐 LOL
      Thanks again!
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • Alan

    just bought 100 denier gorgeous blue tights and the absolutely stunning new transperenze buttercup tights…mmmmmmmm they feel amazing on my legs xxx

  • Paul Krystyniak

    Dear UK Tights
    I wanted to say that I love your website. You have a Wonderful selection of Hosiery.
    I have been a fan of Wolford Hosiery for ten years. I Love their Sheer Tights, their opaque Tights, and what can you say about their Fishnet Tights other than WOW!!! I also Love Garter Belts and Stockings and they are Wonderful also.
    Lately I have seen more ladies wearing Sheer Tights with Polka Dots I have heard of Falke and Fogal but I don’t know of anyone have worn them, are they as nice as Wolford Tights ?

  • James

    These look amazing and \i would love to try them.
    I wear leggings but tights would be a new experience for me; looking forward to finding out how they feel.

  • alan

    james tights is the most gorgeous and beautitul feeling on your legs EVER…..far better than leggings will ever be…its the best feeling in the world having gorgeous hosiery on your legs……AWESOME xxx

  • alan

    uk tights..those aristoc leaf design tights are one seriously gorgeous sexy pair of tights arent they?? do yous highly recomend them?? xxx

  • alan

    do you think uk tights if I wore a pink mini skirt that would be ott with the leaf tights? or should I stick with black? xxx

  • alan

    uk tights ..its just a tiny cute micro ruffle mini ….its tight and gorg..i think it would compliment those sexy tights…thanks for your advice xxx

  • alan

    hi uk tights…not wore the filigree tights in weeks as I have recently bought a pair of 20 denier little red loveheart tights…they are soo gorgeous…but to get a gorg look on your legs i put them on over a pair of black 100 denier tights and the shine it gives your legs with the little red lovehearts showing is to die for..utterly utterly gorgeous xxx only diamond tights look better in my opinion…..I looove tights sooooooooo much…thanks uk tights yous are AMAZING xxx xxx

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