Get the leg look of The Crown Season 3

Netflix-Original The Crown is back and we, at UK Tights, are already planning our particular watch party. We wouldn’t want to miss our favourite biopic about the Royals. The Crown’s season 3 couldn’t come soon enough for us, especially when we knew some great tights of us would be featured once more in this series. Who wants to read about our tights and stockings as seen on The Crown Season 3?

The Crown stockings look: What to wear for a retro look

What happens when your favourite series buys stockings and tights from your favourite tights store, this is, UK Tights? That you become an even bigger fan. That’s exactly what happened to us when we had The Crown’s stylists calling us asking about stockings for the season 2. As you can imagine, we were thrilled to bits to help them find the right pair of vintage-looking stockings for their award-winning series.

Back in the date, we were thrilled to know that our Gio stockings would be featured in The Crown season 2. Actress Clare Foy and, we guess, Vanessa Kirbky, wore these vintage-looking stockings in Chocolate and Bronze colours. While brown and chocolate aren’t one of the top choices for stockings these days, back in the day they were the latest trend.

Gio Stockings with back seamed detail
Gio Fully Fashioned Cuban Heel Stockings as seen on The Crown Season 2

Can you remember what happened to stockings in the ’60s and ’70s?

If you remember, tights became popular in the 60s and huge in the 70s. Just the period of the time The Crown series 3 covers: “the exuberance of the 1960s and the long hangover of the 1970s”, says Netflix.

The Crown Season 3 (Netflix)

A new cast joins The Crown for this new season. As true fans, we couldn’t be happier to watch Olivia Colman as The Queen and Helena Bonham Carter. We know for sure they’ll be wearing some amazing back-seamed tights, as was the usual around the 1960s. These Jonathan Aston seamed tights seem to be a favourite of the season.

A secret behind the scenes…

At UK Tights, we work with a large number of fashion stylists and offer them advice on the best hosiery for each production. Crown isn’t the only series shopping their legwear at UK Tights. Grantchester, Let it Shine and The Witness for the Prosecution are some of the latest productions featuring UK Tights hosiery. Similarly, we are in touch with some theatre production teams and celebrity stylists.

A secret behind the scenes that you may not know is that, when actresses are filming on location, they often have to wear thick wool tights to keep them nice and warm. It can get chilly working outside in the cold! Can you imagine one of The Crown actresses all dress up with expensive designer gowns and thick tights underneath?

Fans of the series would like to know that The Crown season 4 is already on the making and we’ve been requested loads of Jonathan Aston sheer coloured tights for the occasion. We can’t wait!

So, tell us. Are you a fan of The Crown yourself? What tights and stockings would you love to see in The Crown?


  • Randy Pierce

    If were to pick I would go with colored tights being they are very fashionable and looks fantastic on when paired with a mini skirt and heels for my fashion photos.

  • Alan

    couloured tights av went for is yellow with black knee highs pink with black knee highs and blue with black heels and all 3 with black or same coulered mini skirt….soooo gorg…am dseperate to try out red tights with red mini with heels and red top…..it sounds sooooo gorg xxx

  • Alan

    uk tights and randy…
    wats your thoughts on white tights?? av got loads of bridal hold ups stockings and lace top hold ups in white but never tried white tights…..would yous recomend them? xxx

    • UK Tights

      White tights are Marmite, you either love them or hate them. We love thick white or ivory tights in Winter, especially paired with grey or dark blue, and sheer white tights in spring, to match the brighter patterns of spring clothes.
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • Tim

    I would say the tan ones are my fav, as it was the norm for the period but would like to see some shine or glossy ones added. Love how the light dances off your legs with glossy tights!

  • Anonymous

    Shiny sheer tights are OK, but I prefer sheer nude or skin shades with a subtle sheen to them. Love them for watching The Crown along with a nice frock.

    As for white tights, yes but with a lace pattern or white fishnets in Spring. In winter I prefer bright coloured opaque tights to brighten up dark, grey days.


  • Gina J

    I wore white lace stockings once in the early 60s when I was in my late teens. Crossing Oxford Circus, my suspender belt gave way in 3 places and I ended with an interesting mini skirt/baggy stockings look. Hastily hid in the Underground station and exited bare legged (Never liked that look). Actually the whte lace wasn’t a great look either, although I was skinny. They can unbalance an outfit and need careful planning. And the thickness of leg and ankle is a crucial factor. Nowadays, in my 70s, comfy warm tights a must. But ‘ah yes….. I remember it well.’

    • UK Tights

      Oh, gosh! What a story!
      Actually, the baggy stockings look was a thing last season. We’ve seen it in fashion magazines, although we never found it very flattering.
      You are totally right about the thickness of the leg and the ankle. The same size can look totally different in two people with the same height and weight. Also, back then, nylon hosiery was the usual. Elastane also helps with the fitting, as it means that your tights adapt to your shape greater than 100% nylon hosiery.
      Thanks for sharing with us your memories, Gina.
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

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