Legwear For Lockdown – Part 1

Things here in the UK seem to be easing a little, but beware, we are not all going back to work straight away. For those of you that are remaining indoors, here is something you might be interested in. Legwear for lockdown might sound like something of an oxymoron. But there is plenty to choose from that is both stylish and comfy, while being something you might not need to worry about wearing out and about. Here are a few items or categories of legwear that you might want to invest in for the indoors and for any time you have left at home.

Lockdown Means Leggings

What could be a better thing to invest in if you are now working from home or are not able to return to your job or school if you are a student? The humble and yet always dependable leggings is right at the top of our list for great and gorgeous items that are perfect for the indoors. You can wear them freely and without worry around the house. And yet you don’t have to feel underdressed, or like you are wearing pyjamas all the time. That is a great thing to do in your first few weeks of lockdown. But you might want to upgrade after this long.

Sexy Stockings For Lockdown

Let’s get to the thing you have been waiting for, the sexy stuff! One of the most popular items during lockdown for us has been our range of sexy items. That includes everything of every category, but stockings in particular. You are at home with little to do, you’ve rewatched your favourite movies, you’ve tried every recipe in that cookbook you got for Christmas, what next? Well if you and your significant other are stuck in the house together, then gorgeous and feminine items of legwear are a great addition to your boudoir outfit that we would recommend. Being stuck together without a break from one another can be difficult. But there is no reason you can’t turn it around and make it something fun. So many of our customers have already treated themselves to some gorgeous stockings, so why not do just that yourself?

Knitted Tights Makes For A Cosier Lockdown

Staying indoors might have been trying when the sun was shining. But for some of us, it is going to extend into even chillier weather. For this, you need some nice knits. Some warm tights are a great way to stay cosy when autumn comes. Wool tights are super soft to wear while keeping you warm. So if you haven’t exhausted all your supply of films and box sets, then curl up with a cocoa and any companions you might have in the home. Whether furry or human, stay warm as the cold weather comes in with our gorgeous range of wool tights.

We hope this gets you started with some great ideas for legwear for lockdown. But if you are coming out of lockdown and getting back to the office, you will want to subscribe to our blog and see our next post, coming to you in a few days.

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  • ribbedtights

    Interesting to read that stockings are so popular during lockdown (at least, that’s how \i read your article). I was starting to think that stockings were dead and gone, what with tights becoming ever more interesting and hold-ups just so much easier!! Great news … stockings are truly special and it’s fabulous to hear they are alive and kicking!

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