La Carmina Wears UK Tights Merch In Petra

A few weeks ago, we mentioned the wonderful blog La Carmina. We did a post that reviewed her site and told everyone about the very kind coverage they gave us. After sending them a few samples they were interested in, they published a review of the tights along with plenty of photos of La Carmina wearing them around Tel Aviv.

Well just recently, she published another wonderful and beautiful post about her trip to Petra in Jordan. Once again, her very kind mention of UK Tights is much appreciated and we are humbled that a fashion blogger of her stature would be so excited by the tights we have to offer.

Her photography is beautiful, as we expected, capturing some of the amazing details of the buildings and artifacts she encountered, not to mention the fashion items she wore. Here, take a look at a few of them.

Petra jordan travel blogger press trip yalla tours

Above is La Carmina herself, fashion blogger extraordinaire and writer for the style section over at the Huffington Post.

Her outfits are always interesting and they seem to be perfectly suited to the setting around her. Take a look at the full article she has written and you’ll see her skirt is a the perfect choice for the day trip she is on, even complimenting the beautifully woven saddlebags her camels are kitted out with.

The photography La Carmina has done is absolutely superb, as you can see. Fashion tights are meant to be worn this way, in a stunning setting, with an incredible outfit, out in the world. Too much of the fashion world’s photography and the items themselves are designed for the catwalk. La Carmina brings fashion to the real world!

The tights she is wearing have all sold out, unfortunately. But we have tights that are just as exciting in our for this season. To see them, go to our fashion tights page now.

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