How To Not Snag Tights

Can there be anything more annoying than buying a beautiful, new pair of tights for that long-awaited evening out with that oh so important person in your life and then you go and do the ultimate no-no? You catch a sharp nail on the yarn and pull it. “Oh, no!” I hear you cry. Ruined, that’s it, they will probably now ladder, and you’ll be lucky to get this one wear out of them!

Well here are a few ideas that you could try which will help you learn how not to snag tights.

The best thing by far to invest in is a good pair of hosiery gloves. We have a number to choose from, and they are all reasonably priced. They can be washed and worn many times before they need to be replaced and they are usually made from soft cotton, so they sit close to your skin and stop any sharp unfiled nails from catching on your tights! Voila! No snag tights.

You could, of course, take the painstakingly long way around this and make sure you get a regular manicure, but even then, there can be just a tiny piece of skin at the corner of one fingernail, and your luxury, sheer, expensive tights are gone!

Another good idea is to use a good quality moisturiser on both your hands and your feet. This will prevent your skin from becoming rough and dry. Even your toes can catch on your tights and cause them to snag. Make sure you have a regular pedicure with your manicure, and this will help a lot. The moisturiser will also help against cracked and dried heels. This can play absolute havoc with your sheer tights not to mention how unsightly this can look.

Another great way to ensure that you don’t snag tights is to make sure you wash them correctly. You can hand wash them, which is always best, in a mild washing solution, such as Wolford Wash. Or you can pop them into a hosiery wash bag. This can be easily put into the washing machine and washed on a gentle wash. They won’t tangle and snag along the way. We also have a fabulous essential kit that has all these beautiful products in, and if you buy them all together, you’ll save a small fortune

Don’t let those sharp, ragged nails, or dry corners on your fingertips wreck your lovely legwear. Try some of these top tips.

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  • Stuart Tuck

    This might seem obvious but I think you are much less likely to ladder or snag your tights if you take your time putting them on, never rush putting on your tights and always ease them on gently over your toes and feet and lovingly over your legs up to your waist, love your tights and they will love you.

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