Five Cosy Tights You Need To Try This Winter

Winter is coming and it’s time for you to upgrade your winter wardrobe with new cosy tights. From the classic woolly tights to the elegant cashmere ones, we have everything your legs need to survive the coldest temperatures. Why not taking advantage of our fantastic Black Friday Offer to invest in a good pair of cosy tights for winter? These are five of our newest and greatest cosy tights you need to try before the year is over.

A Good Pair Of Ribbed Tights

pierre mantoux coste100 denier ribbed wool tights

Every tights drawer should include at least one pair of wool ribbed tights. The Pierre Mantoux Coste 100 Denier Wool Tights (£36.99) are a particularly good pair. This new design by Pierre Mantoux proves that woolly tights don’t always have to be itchy. Furthermore, the finish is, as usual in this Italian manufacturer, totally luxury.

The New And Revolutionary ITEM m6 Beauty Tights

item m6 beauty anti-cellulite tights

Just arrived and ready to rock your wardrobe, we could say that the new Beauty Tights by ITEM m6 have it all. They are opaque (60 denier), thick and warm. Besides, they have leg support, shaping and a revolutionary design with ceramic crystals that help you fight cellulite.  Fashion bloggers and editors seem to love them, judging for the positive reviews the ITEM m6 Beauty tights hare having. Why not giving them a try?

The Ultra Smooth Oroblu Micromodal Natural Fibres Tights

oroblu micromodal natural fibres tights black

Modal is one of the smoothest natural fibres and these tights are, as you can expect, one of the softest and smoothest we have ever sold. Being 100 denier, the Oroblu Micromodal Natural Fibres Tights (£23.99) are perfect for the coldest days of winter. You’ll simply fall in love with them the minute you touch them.

Falke‘s New Sensual Cotton Tights

Falke sensual cotton 80 denier tights at UK Tights

Falke‘s 2017 range includes two new products: Falke Sensual Cashmere and Falke Sensual Cotton 80 Denier Tights (£31.99) in the picture above. While you can find many different cotton tights out there, you can’t never have enough Falke tights! These high quality tights are the perfect treat you deserve!

Cashmere Finish For A Budget Price!
levante cashmere touch 100 denier tights for winter

Cashmere tights are always very expensive and, definitely not for all budgets. The Levante Cashmere Touch 100 Denier Tights (£14.99) are the exception for the rule. They are 60% Viscose combined with Lycra to make them more stretchy and Cashmere, which gives them that luxury and soft finish you can find in all cashmere tights.

Before going for one or other pair, you may want to revisit our section of cosy cotton tights, as well as our winter-friendly wool tights.


  • OnlineShopper

    I would love to try the Levante Cashmere touch but you don’t have my size in. Will you be getting more in stock?

    • UK Tights

      Hi there,
      We are definitely getting more in stock soon. If you give us a call, our Customer Service may be able to tell you an updated date, but I guess it shouldn’t be longer than 2 weeks. You can also place a back order. Many customers go for this option. You just have to place the order as usual and we ship the tights as soon as we receive them, so you get them before anyone else.

  • Ribbed Tights

    Great article at the right time … it’s definitely getting colder. Love that you have included some more unusual tights and not just plain black opaque tights. I like that you have included the ribbed tights and I hope everybody starts wearing them again … I do love ribbed tights. Also, the natural fibre and cotton tights are worth a try – I have tried both in the past, and they are certainly cosy tights for this time of year.

    Thank you.

    • UK Tights

      Glad that you like our recommendations! The ribbed styles are absolutely gorgeous. These make your legs look longer and feel so cosy! Timeless look 🙂
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

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