ITEM m6 Women Beauty Tights

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* 60 denier
* Fight cellulite
* Contains ceramic crystals
* Thick and warm
* Shapes the legs and tummy
* 73% Polyamide
* 27% Elastane
ITEM m6 have truly broken the mold with these tights. Whilst their mission over recent collections has been to blend science and style, this new design is purely the former. These tights may look simple and straightforward, but beyond the appearance is perhaps the most exciting technological development in leg wear for a very long time. The fabric features ceramic crystals that are melted and bound to the material. This takes the body's heat and reflects it back into the leg. Whilst this also slightly increasing the warmth of the garment, it does help with the slimming effect by breaking down fat cells in the leg, combating cellulite. Whilst you have probably heard of something that combats cellulite before and been disappointed, this time it is true. With ITEM m6 at the helm of this design, it is bound to be the best it can be.


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