ITEM m6 Shaping Dress
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ITEM m6 Shaping Dress

Strong shape, Ultra effective, Flat tummy, Slim Waist, Low cut neckline, Sewn-in string panty, Invisible under clothes

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ITEM m6 is one of the most exciting new brands from the world of leg wear we have ever seen. It is one of the most accomplished in its field when it comes to support tights. Compression tights and other types of leg wear like it are ideal for so many different scenarios, but mostly people think of medical leg wear first. When you hear of compression tights, you might imagine the cure for varicose veins or something that you might wear after surgery or during a flight. These are common reasons for wearing them, but they are not the only reasons you have for wearing support tights.

ITEM m6 actually started out making these items, but with so many possibilities, their design team decided to expand their horizons. Their support tights are no longer just high compression items but include lighter items that can be worn every day. If you work in an office or wear high heels often, you will know what it feels like to have aching feet and legs after just a few hours of looking great in whatever footwear you've chosen.

With a pair of ITEM m6 tights on your legs, you have nothing to fear though. They will massage your legs and keep you feeling fresh and good as new all day long, improving your circulation and creating the perfect conditions for keeping your legs healthy. And yet the ITEM m6 range is not just about practicality.

Knowing that the world is full of basic and uninteresting support tights out there, ITEM m6 have insisted on doing more with fashion and good design than most other brands out there. They are one of the few designers that makes patterned and fashion support tights and the only brand we know of that truly concentrates on this seriously, and makes beautiful tights their first aim. If you want gorgeous tights and specifically gorgeous support tights and compression tights, built with quality and care, then ITEM m6 is perfect.

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