Greatest Oroblu Sparkle Tights To Kick Off Party Season

Have you spotted the latest Oroblu Luxury AW16 Collection? These little beauties arrived only a few days ago along with more Oroblu Natural Fibres. As soon as we had them in our hands, we were absolutely amazed by the Oroblu sparkle tights and socks. If you are looking for something different to add sparkle to your outfits, you need to pay attention to this. You won’t regret it!

A Metallic Flash: Oroblu Eloise Tights (£15.99)

oroblu eloise tights with a beautiful silver sparkle seam detailParty hosiery can also be minimal-inspired. Look at the simplicity behind these opaque tights. No fuss, jus a glitter line to add that festive touch to your outfit. These Oroblu sparkle tights make your legs look longer, too, the same way back seamed tights do.

A Subtle Floral Pattern: Oroblu Thea Tights (£15.99)
oroblu thea tights with crystal floral details

A fine tulle base in contrast with those stunning floral details in black, with a lovely silver sparkle. Aren’t they just beautiful? When the party season is over, you can wear them with denim clothes or an all-black outfit. Your legs will get plenty of good compliments!

An Elegant Seam: Oroblu Riga Lux Seamed Tights (£10.99) 

oroblu riga lurex seamed tights

If you are a fan of backseamed hosiery, you must have heard of the Oroblu Riga Backseamed Tights, one of UK Tights’ best-selling products. Now you can get these classic backseamed tights with a party twist: a golden seam or a silver seam, as in the picture above. Both gold and silver are very popular this season, so why not matching the back seam with your shoes or your clutch?

A Silver Secret: Oroblu Christelle Tights (£19.99)

oroblu christelle sheer tights with silver sparkle feather ankle detal

These tights are perfect to wear with a sequined dress or one of those trendy metal pleated skirts. They look like a pair of plain black sheer tights, with an unexpected surprise: a  little silver diamante embellished detail you won’t stop looking at!

The Party Must-Buy: Oroblu Diamonds Tights (£14.99)

oroblu diamonds lurex tights in silver

Lurex tights are the hit of the party season! Not only lurex hosiery looks amazing with any party outfit, but can also be recycled and worn over and over with casual looks. Lurex and denim are a win-win!

So, tell us, are you going for any of these amazing styles? Do you prefer something different to upgrade your tights drawer?


  • randy

    I Have these and love wearing them have them in a silver would love the gold colored ones to in a large. I have read other reviews about lurex tights on this site people saying about being scratchy, itchy if they thought about a pair of sheer hosiery under it is the cure.

    • UK Tights

      Hi Randy,
      Lurex tights used to be very itchy, that’s true. However, good quality lurex tights are more comfortable and less itchy! This is because the knitting uses a mixture of soft and yarn fibres. This not only makes them softer, but also gives them a better fit. Thanks for your comment!

  • randy

    I know and Yes you are right good quality lurex tights are not itchy learned that fast I have quality ones and others that are not. Have seen comments about people saying they are itchy there is a cure just wear a pair of sheer nude hose underneath that cures the itchy problem. Believe me being a straight male that wears every color and style of hosiery I love wearing from the fashion standpoint. Benefits include warmth on cooler days , support for being on your feet all day, to just the way it makes ones legs look be it male or female etc. I wear under my pants cause society hasn’t excepted men wearing. Men just has to prove they know how to wear without showing private areas then maybe it will be acceptable I could go on and on.

    • UK Tights

      Hi Randy, wearing a pair of sheer tights underneath seems like a good advice! Happy New Year Randy, thanks for your following our posts and being so active with your comments!
      UK Tights team

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