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7 Ways To Wear Tights? Here’s 7 Tights To Go With Them!

Recently, Forbes published an article about how tights are back and 7 ways to wear them. It is a great article, with a great list of how to make the most of your tights. But Forbes is not a retailer, and so Forbes tights suggestions don’t have any items to go with them. They did show us all some great photography from designer brands like Miu Miu and Chanel. That is great for admiring on the catwalk, but what about a few suggestions we can all afford. Here is a list of 7 great tights designs. They should go beautifully with the 7 new ways Forbes recommends you wear your hosiery.

1) White Tights

A simple enough suggestion, and one we agree with. White tights, just a few years ago, were a big faux pas. Now, they are back in style and we really love them. So, as per the image above, we have a suggestion for you. The Miss O Sheer Gloss Open Crotch Tights are simply stunning. These white tights are easy to wear thanks to the shiny finish and the sheer fabric. Because of those two, they are head turning, but not overpoweringly white. Too thick and the white tights will look like your legs are painted. This colour may be back in style, but that doesn’t mean go overboard with them.

Forbes Tights

2) Out From Under

This is one of those controversial suggestions to wear your clothing in a way it wasn’t intended to be worn. But that is the way fashion is, doing things differently. Forbes recommend you sometimes slip your tights up and over your top. See, it is pretty bold. Well, if this is the kind of revolutionary jump forward in hosiery you support, then we shall oblige. Giulia Talia is one of the most high waisted tights in the world, and they are perfect for lifting up over the bottom of a top. They are also control tights, so they will shape you a little too.

3) Think Pink

Pink tights are not a new thing or a thing that has come back into style, like the top two suggestions. But they are something that is getting even more popular than they have before. These tights are one of the best pink items we currently have. Falke Pure Matt 50 Women Sustainable Tights are some of the nicest looking, and the most ethical, pink tights in the world. They are sustainable and made with recycled material. We adore these new coloured tights and they are some of the most stunning in the whole range. And being made by Falke, they are superbly well made and fit beautifully.

Forbes tights

4) Catching On

Fogal Netlace is one of the most gorgeous and stunningly sexy fishnets in the world of hosiery. These tights are one of the more premium items on this list. But it is well worth it. Fogal are so good that they are something you can wear and wear again, and they stay looking new. They are one of our most elegant fishnet tights, but by all means, see the rest of that range if you fancy an alternative.

5) Sheer Brilliance

Sheer tights are even less new to the world of tights as the colour pink is. But Forbes are right, they are becoming more popular than before, where they faded in popularity compared to leggings. We suggest the Levante Class. It is one of the single most popular sheer tights in our range, and was in fact our 7th item to ever debut on the website. It has recently been discontinued by Levante, and as such, these are the last items we will ever have from Levante Class. So you can get some yourself now. and to help you get a decent number so you never run out, they have a 3 pair pack version too.

Forbes tights in red

6) Red Hot

Forbes tights list is a wonderful one in our eyes, for this suggestion alone. Red tights have always had a small place in our lives, but mostly as Christmas novelty wear, or bedroom attire. WE hope that this changes the perception finally. Passion Carina are stunners that are still sexy enough for the bedroom, but not so ostentatious or gauche that you can’t wear them out.

7) No Pants, No Problem

Here, Forbes tights list recommends something similar to tucking your top into your waist like above. But this is to wear your hot pants, shorts, and other small items over your tights. It is actually much less controversial, as many wear Daisy Dukes or similar over their leg wear anyway. For this, you can really go with any tights you like. But we recommend a lower waist pair or they will stick out of the top. Fine for the suggestion above, but not for this one. You don’t want them both at the same time. These are the Sensi 40. They are a hipster tights design from, once again, Giulia. They won’t stick out of your hot pants at the hem as they will sit a little lower than the waist. They are superb for wearing with accompanying items over the top of your tights.

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    Can’t wait to wear white tights on my wedding day. Definitely going to have to select just the right pair!

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