The Black Friday 2023 Sale Is Here At UK Tights

Black Friday 2023

The UK Tights Black Friday 2023 Sale is finally here. And this year, we have 25% off our entire website. The Black Friday sale is not even a Friday sale this year. It runs for the whole weekend, this time. Ordinarily, we would do a simple one day sale, but that is getting harder to do right. Most people are busier than ever, and finding the time on Black Friday evening to shop is a pain. Especially for retail workers or people in the hospitality industry. We should know, we are in retail and it is truly all hands on deck here. So to make sure you get the chance to shop for great Christmas deals, we decided to extend it.

Black Friday Runs For The Whole Weekend This Year

Now, the Black Friday one day sale is gone, and shall remain gone. Instead, UK Tights is doing the Black Friday 2023 weekend sale. This is not the first time we have done this, and it was amazingly popular last year too. This year, we have a discount that runs from midnight on Thursday/Friday up until midnight on Monday/Tuesday. This gives you four whole days to find what you want. This is the longest we have run a Black Friday sale before. But we are just happy to reach more people than ever.

How Do I Get 25% Off For Black Friday 2023?

So how do you make the most of our new offer? Simply go to our homepage, add your items to the basket, and use the code at the checkout. The code is BLACK25 and it gives you a discount of 25% off any order. It is also usable multiple times. So if you find something you like, but forgot to include in your order, you won’t miss out. So go to our homepage now and enjoy the best Black Friday 2023 deal in the leg wear world.

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