Learn How Corin Used Research to Design The Perfect Bra

A new brand of lingerie has arrived at UK Lingerie and we’re so impressed with their improved designs. Corin, a Polish brand for lingerie, is committed to offer the best-fitting bras of the market. To do so, the Corin’s teamed with engineers of Lodz University of Technology, under the direction of an expert in breast diseases and oncology surgery.

Corin’s Innovative Project To Find The Perfect Bra

As part of the project, a 3D model of a woman’s torso and a prototype bra were built. Both model and prototype were digitalised to analyse any deformation and pressure within the breast area. The team discovered a direct relation between the areas of pressure and blood fluid: Poorly manufactured bras affect blood circulation!


After the initial research with 3D models, Corin’s sewing experts improved the bra. A second research, this time with real women (all of them of different size and age), proved the benefits of Corin’s new bra: temperature spreads evenly, meaning Corin bras perfectly adapts to the female body.

Why Is It Important To Wear Good Fitting Lingerie?

A mismatched or poorly manufactured bra can cause serious health disorders. According to professor Marek Zadrożny, head of the project, a good-fitting bra not only brings more comfort but also help prevent future complications in the lymphatic system. In extreme cases it even may lead to the abscesses of nipples, which requires surgery.


A good fitting bra feels more comfortable. It is also healthier for you (Source: Corin)

How Is Corin’s Perfect Bra?

Corin’s perfect bra is properly fitted: it stays where it’s meant to stay, perfectly supporting your breast with no unnecessary pressure. A Corin bra is one of those bras you wear all the time. These two, in particular, are great for fuller bust.


Corin Virginia Spacer Bra (£43) – Available in 3 tones. Cup sizes E to H


Corin Vera Bra (£43) – Available in Cup sizes D to H

Besides, all Corin bras come with matching briefs to complete your lingerie set:

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