6 New Styles For The New Year From Fiore

It isn’t even one whole week into the new year. But already we have a collection of new styles to show you. This capsule collection is from the talented team over at Fiore. And it is a fantastic and versatile one.

Fiore Fashion

Asteroid is a classic made new. This is a strategy that Fiore loves to use. Making something that you instantly recognise, but not an item you have ever actually seen before. Sounds like a challenging task, but Fiore and their ingenuity always manage to pull it off. This is the classic diamond print, or imitation fishnet print. It has always been pretty popular, but Fiore have made it a bit different here. The thicker lines and the large black triangles where each line meets makes it bold and head turning. It is simply gorgeous, and one of the most powerful looking new designs in the range. But a really simple and versatile number too. An incredible combo.

What could be a more classic fashion print than a herringbone? This is the new design from Fiore, Cinematic. It is a classic herringbone print, and one of the least redeveloped patterns in the whole range. Sometimes, a classic pattern that is simply gorgeous to look at is all you need, without reinventing the wheel. They are a little bit customized though, with a staggered and asymmetrical pattern, so the chevrons don’t totally line up with each other. This makes the design a bit more hypnotic. But on balance, these tights are more classic than almost anything this season.

Fiore Fashion Tights

The same goes for these polka dot tights, the Fiore Dry Pastel. These tights are a classic with their old school appeal. Fiore’s own addition here is the interesting colour scheme. The dark and deep midnight blue and the black polka dot is a different and original combo. Normally it is black and black or it is nude and black. But this is interesting and much more suitable for a winter outfit than any other combo we mentioned.

Aquatic is a superb net pattern and one we absolutely love for its versatility. The simple horizontal net is elegant and easy to pair with anything. With slightly smaller diamonds, the pattern is less bold than a whale net, but just as feminine. And with the pattern not being printed but being woven into the material, the tights are thicker around the diamond shape. So they have the thermal properties that a cable knit might have. These tights are practical and beautiful at the same time.

Fiore Fashion

Even more like a toasty warm cable knit, not least of all because of its vertical pattern, is the Belvedere. The stripes here are regular stripes and not cables, but the principle of a warm winter tights design applies. These are thick and cosy and with a raised and sunken knit, they trap heat and stay cosy. And fashion wise, they are gorgeous too. A classic chunky vertical strip is slimming and stylish. This is probably Fiore’s best combination of stylish and practical this season.

Fiore Tights Fashion

We come full circle with this design to our very first. The French is a gorgeous design reminiscent of Asteroid. It is a chain link fence print and resembles a fishnet design. For all the same above reasons, we love this print. It is stylish, it is eternally in fashion, it is flattering and feminine. You should pick up one of these if you want all of these qualities in heaps.

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