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Kylie Jenner Wears Red Tights To Paris Haute Couture Week

Kylie Jenner Red Tights

Kylie Jenner’s Red Tights

Kylie Jenner wore a gorgeous pair of red tights for her latest Instagram post. Jenner was attending the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week and wore several red themed ensembles. This one, however, was nothing but red. And it was quite the striking combo. Red woolly coat, red tights, red shoes. And heck, even the red lips. It is a bold look, and one that can only pulled off with heaps of confidence. But what does a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan have if not heaps of boldness and spirit?

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Who Styled Kylie Jenner’s In Her Red Tights?

The outfit was styled for her by OK Magazine, and here is their article on the look. UK Tights provided some tights for the shoot too, but not the ones seen here. We love sending out tights to the press. We get to chat with stylists, talk shop, and see the latest trends. And we get to help create something gorgeous and beautiful too.

Kylie Jenner at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

How Do Blend So Much Red And Still Look Good?

Kylie Jenner and red tights go together beautifully, do they not? She is stunning and full of confidence, which always helps in pulling this kind of look off. The other pieces of the outfit are provided by the design house Jacquemus. All pieces are beautiful and go together spectacularly. Wearing a colour on top of the same colour on top of the same colour is difficult to pull off. But it can be done. It is always best to do that if all the shades are exactly the same. You cannot easily blend scarlet and burgundy together, but you can if it’s all crimson, for example.

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Make Statement Pieces The Centre Of Your Next Look

As you can see, Kylie Jenner’s red tights are just spectacular to look at. As is the whole ensemble. She is a beautiful woman, a style icon, and looks completely spectacular. And here, she has taken a simple and affordable item and used to build an entire outfit around. That is an impressive endeavour. And with it being tights, we think more people should do this too. Try and find a bold statement piece, and build your outfit around the tights. You may surprise yourself with what you can come up with.

Kylie Jenner Red Tights

Where Can I See More Celebrity News?

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