Men’s Guide to Buying Lingerie

There is nothing more romantic and intimate in a relationship than buying lingerie for your parter. Looking at your partner’s face while she opens the parcel and discover the gift can exciting for both of you. Not as exciting as wearing it, but still great. Buying lingerie for the first time and getting it right isn’t easy, though. Men often struggle to buy lingerie for women. Unlike buying bags, shoes or clothing, buying the right underwear is all about knowing what you like and what your partner likes. Are you panicking right now? There’s nothing to worry about. Keep calm and read our 3 Step Lingerie-Buying Guide for Men.

First things first: The Sizing 

OK, so let’s do this. First, let’s introduce you to the world of lingerie sizing. We have 3 different sizes you need to account when buying lingerie and nightwear. Dress size (Small = UK 10, Medium = UK 12, etc.), back size (UK 32, 34… EU 80, 85…) and cup size (A, B, C, D, DD, E…). Here you have our fantastic lingerie and bra fitting guide, including a chart with all the International equivalence sizes for all countries.

Now that you know how sizes work in the lingerie world, it’s time to figure it out what’s your partner’s size. Open your partner’s lingerie drawer and take a look at the label in the back of her bra. Quite often you will see your girl’s bras have different sizes. This happens. Just go for her favourite bra (or your favourite one) and write it down. You have it done. Briefs and nightwear generally comes in dress sizes, so you can check any clothes of her. That wasn’t so difficult, wasn’t it?

Next Step: What Lingerie Style Is Your Partner?

She may be a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey, but that may be a way too risky idea for a first time (particularly if you haven’t discussed it before). We’d suggest you start with a gorgeous silky set or a lace-adorned nightwear set. This never fails: every woman wants to feel special. Go for something classy and glamorous: Fine lace, luxury satin… Would you buy her cheap jewellery? Same rules apply to lingerie.

LingaDore Aria Kimono square picture

LingaDore Aria Kimono in Gold-black (£55.99>> NOW on sale!) and matching satin LingaDore Aria Chemise in Gold-black (£45.99>> NOW on sale!) – Also available in wine-red

Final Step: Choose the Colour

Does she have a favourite colour of clothing? Then, go for it! If you aren’t sure, just go for black lingerie. Unlike other colours, black looks great in all skin tones. Furthermore, black is the most flattering and glamorous of the colours. Red is also a very popular colour for lingerie, especially around Valentines. Don’t go for white or ivory unless you’re 100% sure this is what she loves, as these tones are generally associated to weddings. This season, pastel colours are very popular, but still most women prefer the elegance of black and red lingerie.

Marjolaine black lingerie

Do you still have any questions after reading our Men’s Guide to Buying LingerieContact UK Lingerie Customer Service and we’ll give you all the help you need.

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