New Years Day Sale Is Here!

New Years Sale

New Years Day is a wonderful occasion for sales, and we have one of our biggest of the year to start a brand new calendar. This year, we give you 20% off with the code NEWYEAR20 for every single item on all three of our sites.

The sale runs throughout the day from one midnight to the next, and you can use that code as many time as you want, in case you have gone through the checkout and see something else you fancy.

But that isn’t the end of the good news either. We are also launching our January sale starting today. We will have up to 80% off certain items that you can find in our sale section. This part of our site is subject to the New Years Day sale, so if you find something that is discounted, you can get another 20% off that item. This sale section will have great discounts up to and including the 31st of January.

New Years Sale

UK Tights has thousands of products to choose from. And for the next short while, they are all in the New Years Day sale. Every single one of them. So go to our homepage or the All Products page on our site. Then you can use our new and improved filter to find something really extraordinary. See UK Swimwear and UK Lingerie for the same deal on all of our gorgeous designs there too. You can get items for a whole lot less for the boudoir or for the beach.

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