Cashmere Tights, The Finest Fashion For A Decade

Fogal Cashmere And Silk Opaque Tights

There is only one product in the history of the industry that commands a higher price tag than the Fogal Cashmere Tights. These may be expensive, but they are worth every single penny. So what gives these tights such incredible authority and respect? The name “Fogal”, of course.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not a name that makes something worth investing in. But names can be markers of quality. Fogal’s name and reputation ensure that these cashmere tights will easily be the best leg wear you’ve ever worn.

Fogal makes the finest hosiery in the world, full stop. It’s even their tagline. Their name is deeply entwined with luxury, high fashion and the very best designs in the business. Their name makes sure that only the very best has gone into these tights.

The very best of what? The name says it (almost) all. This material is a blend, combining cashmere, silk, nylon and spandex. Cashmere and silk is something that we’ve never seen before. In fact, we’ve never even encountered a wool and silk blend before. This is a very special cashmere tights design that uses the most exquisite fabrics on Earth to create the most exquisite leg wear.

Nothing we’ve ever seen has been as beautiful and incredible as these cashmere tights from Fogal. Every one of their qualities screams luxury and they are the finest pair of tights for a decade, and will be for another.

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