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Kylie Minogue Wears Sheer Tights At Her Paris Show

Kylie Minogue Tights
Source: carolinebarnesmakeup on Instagram, Photographer: Frank Strachan

Kylie Minogue’s tights are a big part of her outfits. She appeared back stage at her Paris show this week and she look fantastic in sheer black tights. We love when a celebrity loves tights just as much as we do. Kylie has always been one of those names. A true artist, a spectacular performer, and one with a great pair of legs to boot. As such, there is undoubtedly a Kylie Minogue tights list for her tours. She always makes sure to show off your wonderful legs that she works so hard to maintain, after all.

There are a slew of singers and artists that have become known as dancers in the past decade. They that are reviving the old art of the true stage performer. The days of Tina Turner and Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani seem lost. Now young artists like Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa are bringing back the all but lost art of the singer-dancer. Kylie is one of those originals though. And it is a testament to her talents that she is still touring and turning heads.

Naturally, these women work out in the dance studio constantly. As a result, they always have the legs for a pair of sheer tights. Kylie Minogue’s tights here are proof that she is still killing it in the studio. She is in great shape, and she has even greater taste in tights. We adore this new look of hers. It has heaps of sexiness and style, like the wearer herself, and it a classic look.

Kylie’s dress is Balmain, a stunning and passionate red number that is ultra feminine and ultra sexy. She accompanied them with black sheer tights, and they looked amazing. Kylie Minogue did not name her tights, however. They are completely unknown. But we will recommend some like them anyway.

Falke Pure Matt 20 Sustainable Tights

Get Kylie Minogue’s Tights Look For Yourself

We would recommend the new sustainable version of the Pure Matt by Falke. Kylie Minogue is wearing roughly 20 denier sheer tights. So any 20 denier tights in black could replicate the look somewhat. But only somewhat. We would guess a few of our own favourite premium brands are on the Kylie Minogue tights list for her tour. Falke is definitely one of our favourites, and they have a brand new item for us to talk about. These are the Falke Pure Matt 20 Sustainable Tights, and they are gorgeous. They are a matt 20 denier item so they are see through and show off your legs. Meanwhile, the matt aspect means they are easy to wear with anything and look very natural.

We recommend them for those that want something stunning and stylish, but something ethical too. You see, these tights are made with recycled polyamide. This means that this isn’t their first rodeo, and have been a garment before. By buying these over other tights, you are going to make sure that some synthetic fabrics are staying out of the landfill for a little while longer. But don’t worry. This doesn’t mean they are any less well made than the regular Pure Matt range. They are stunning stylish, soft, easy to wear, and comfortable.

Like we said before, we cannot guarantee what particular design Kylie wore, but this is a fine facsimile and very close if you want the same look.

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