An Old Favourite, Or Maybe Two: Aristoc Ultra Shine

We have an old favourite on offer at the moment. Aristoc Ultra Shine is a wonderful product with years of experience behind it. It has remained popular since the first day we brought it only nearly a decade ago and it is only becoming more widely loved.

They are simple in design, making them easy to pair; they come in a superb range of colours that compliment your skin tone and they are durable and resilient enough withstand the rigours of everyday wear.


For the next few days, we have a special discount on the Ultra Shine range. Buy any one of those items and get your second pair half price. You can buy as many pairs as you’d like too. Simply add the right number to the checkout and it’ll automatically discount the correct amount for you. Simples! Just click the banner above to take advantage of our marvellous Aristoc sale.

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  • Richard

    My wife has worn the wonderful Aristoc Ultra Shine stockings for a number of years. They are not
    only beautiful but wear very well. She always looks great wearing either the Illusion or Barley Black. They make her feel like a lady. And she looks like one too.

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