When in Rome, Dress Sexy!

Now, you’re designing for an Italian fashion tights brand. You’re taking the capitals of the world as your inspiration. Where’s the first place you’d look?

Trasparenze are true Cosmopolitans. They take their inspiration from any place where breathtaking art can be found. But most of their influences have been from the Far East this season. Bangkok, Delhi, Tokyo.

Trasparenze are never one to miss out on a good design, though.

They’ve delved into their own home’s beautiful traditions and brought us Roma, a truly flagship product. It oozes sex appeal and brazen confidence. It’s a design for only a certain kind of fashion lover. The kind that sets daring new trends first, followers nice ones second.

We can’t tell you which is the most priced part of this piece. Trasparenze¬†Roma Fashion Tights are strong all over. So, we’ll have to do what any helpless dolt in our situation would do. Start at the top and carry on from there.


Begin at the Beginning

The start of our journey isn’t entirely different from yesterday’s Delhi. The top of these fashion tights features straps and ribbons with a precious bow. These ribbons are narrower and more haphazard. They sit on the hip like a gunslingers belt and keep the design very suggestive.

Further Down the Rabbit Hole

Also sitting in just the right place, the next piece is just a few inches from the top of your thigh. Motifs higher up the leg are more seductive, because of where it guides your eyes next. The slight askew straps work well here, too. If a pattern looks too precise and well placed, it loses some of that dangerous appeal!

The Crescendo

As soon as you’re finished there, you can’t help but fall straight down, and fall in love with, the last part of the puzzle. Below the knees lies an inspiring example of fashion tights at their most powerful!

The same crisscross patterns are with us here too. But this has been made for a more specific purpose. The shape becomes an imitation boot. Tall, knee-high boots have always been a sexy, fashion favourite. Their height and placement is all about adding inches to your body and keeping a slender, trim and sculpted look about your legs.

We can say that we’ve never seen it done this well!


Trasparenze have created a masterpiece. We say this every season, but that’s how you know their work will always be fantastic.

We’ll be seeing Paul, our Trasparenze agent, in the next few days. It’s time to pick from next year’s Spring/Summer range already, and we hear that this one will be the biggest leap forward they’ve ever made!

But we won’t be leaving this seasons collection high and dry just yet. There are a lot more designs to see over the next few days. If you’d like to see more of these posts, then go here and get these posts every time we publish, straight to your Inbox or an RSS reader. It’s free and easy to cancel. Now you have no excuse!

Next week, you’ll see plenty more fashion tights and one Trasparenze project that’s flattening the next best competitor.

Until then.

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