Bottle Green School Tights

After the busiest part of the year, the last thing you want to think about is the “back to school” stuff. But there’s one thing you can easily strike off your to-do list without going near those hectic sales. Bottle green school tights are one of our most asked for items for children and the first few days of the new year is the time they’re most needed.

Pex Sunset Tights
Pex Sunset. Our most popular bottle green school tights. Available in six other colours. Click the pic to see more.

Your little ones might wear other colours too, but it’s bottle green school tights that are always most wanted.

If you have a little girl that needs something before school starts, click here and you’ll find every different kind of colour and pattern you can think of, perfect for going back to school.

You’ll also find boys socks on our site too. So that’s two things off the to-do list already.

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