The Best DIY Halloween Costumes

There is once a year when our warehouse is full of colour, while the rest of the world becomes more and more darker. You are getting everything ready for “The Witch Time”, while we are busy delivering our hosiery products on time.

Spider tights? Ready. Pumpkin Tights? Ready. Sexy stockings? As always, ready. Now it’s official.

Halloween is Coming!

At UK Tights we not only have the widest choice possible of hosiery on Earth, but also products for everyone in the family. So, we’d suggest you trying to find a Halloween Costume everyone in the family can wear and Do It Yoursef! This way, you can buy all at the same time and get it sent home in once. We don’t mean you have to dress up like The Addams Family. The Best DIY Halloween Costumes aren’t the expensive ones.

What about a Family of Witches and Wizards?


This is what you need for witches:

  • A short skirt
  • Stripped tights
  • A hat
  • A broom
  • Green face painting (optional)

And this is what you need for wizards:

All you need is to open a hole for the head, blend it and create a T. If you know how to sew, you can do the sizes up. Otherwise, here you have a no-sew explanation. To finish your gown, you just have to stick or sew the stars up, matching the colours of your tights. Both Witches and Wizards’ costumes can be in any colour. All you need is finding that old sheet or dress you have hidden in your wardrobe.

Some Old Tights can Give you New Wings

If your Halloween costume wears wings, you must know you don’t need to buy expensive wings. You can make them with old tights and an inexpensive wire. DIY wings are very easygoing and useful. Have a look at this tutorial to learn how to do wings with old tights.


I don’t want to spend much money in Halloween


You always say that but end up spending more than planned, don’t you? Our tip: Try buying something you can wear the rest of the year and build your costume around that hosiery product. The key is using the imagination and being creative. Why not buying some sexy stockings you can use to be a “sexy policewoman” or a “sexy witch”? What about some wet look leggings to party? Add a black mask, a red lipstick and you are Catwoman. Although, if you feel more like a leopard, you can also try wearing these animal printed leggings with a brown top.

Sexy, simple and practical. Who could ask for more? 

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