Fashion Tights and Cultural Couture

There’s one fashion tights designer who lives up to their name each and every season. Trasparenze.┬áTheir new Winter range is now available and it is simply and utterly sublime.



Moana is a visual hurricane. Subtle and nuanced in its design, white hot in its power of seduction. Moana is the briefs design pictured above, the hold ups are Rosy Red. The great tragedy is that the mask is no longer being made, but when you cast an eye over the astounding beauty of the Moana briefs, you must there’s little lacking.



This design for example, Austria Fashion Tights, has no shortage of ornate luxury about it. It’s rich in pattern and motif and has been influenced by some of the most recognizable and iconic Germanic design. The regal motifs, the ornate flourishing borders, the strong coffee and black colours that look just like the walls of the rustic piece of architecture it’s been shot in. Everything about this design exudes strength and majesty.



Brazil, above, is full of flora and there’s a wealth of richness to be found in each twist and curl of the patterns. Just like the rainforests of that beautiful country, Brazil is a design that champions magnificence.

It’s refreshing to see a fashion tights designer so deeply entwined with true heritage. Trasparenze don’t just pick a name from the atlas to make them seem more sophisticated. Each name reflects the artistry of the design.

When we last spoke to the owner of Trasparenze, also the chief designer, he said each year it gets harder to design. Harder to outdo what’s come before. It has to be said, most people who see designs like don’t believe him. Of course, Traparenze has to perform better each and every year, we know what kind of challenge they face. But for now, we can be sure that they’re at the top of their game and they’ll be the best for years to come.

See more designs from the new collection here.

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