Fashion Trends 2009 Autumn Winter – Vibrant Reds

Red tartan tights

The fashion trends 2009 and the colour for Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 has been announced. The bold, sharp and vibrant red has been chosen to represent the attitudes and styles for this Autumn/Winter season. With the current climate, both in financially and environmentally, designers have pledged vibrancy. This is in defiance against the much more drab-looking world around them.

Designers such as Alexander McQueen have taken the line of creative and bold statements in a season where affordability and austerity is top of the priority list. Fashion trends 2009 show red is definitely a colour that brings together high-end fashion and audacious statements. The new hue is also a great stance of femininity and vitality. The elegance and grace of wearer standing out with courage and conviction.

While clothing labels have adopted this vibrancy with great enthusiasm. The leg wear brands have also decided to provide the fashion world with animation. Pamela Mann has always been at the fore-front of creative imagery and the daring colour designs are always popular for both Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Jonathan Aston has also had a great range of bright colours in the Jonathan Aston Sheer Colour tights, which have long been the popular choice for a blend of sheer hosiery and bright colour. Another designer not to fail this season is Le Bourget. They have the Le Bourget All Colours, which debuted this May in Paris’ Galeries Lafayette.

Red is the colour, but vibrancy is also highly valued for this Autumn and Winter. This means the whole of the body is going to be involved in fashionable attire. The Pamela Mann gloves are a big fashion addition to the wardrobe and combined with other vivid and courageous products will make for a fantastic and dynamic look this year.

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