The Stocking Forescast: How to Choose the Best Denier for Any Weather

James Hind, a statistics lecturer at Nottingham University, has been on the news this week after developing a formula on how to choose the best denier for any weather.

denier Formula by Hosiery for Men
Formula to calculate the best denier (Source: Hosiery for Men | James Hind at Nottingham University)

We were alerted to this news after blogger Hosiery For Men posted about the formula. It quickly caught our attention, even more so when we read that the inspiration behind the research came from performing as Robin Hood at The Tales of Robin Hood. A man talking about men wearing tights on the BBC! This is something many of us were looking forward to seeing.

Wedding forecast stockings
Source: BBC News

What is the Best Denier for Autumn? 

If you follow the denier formula by James Hind, you can find the most appropriate tights for the weather. However, generally speaking, this is what we always advise to our customers:

Best denier for warm days in autumn: 

We suggest wearing 15 to 20 denier sheer hosiery. We have over 450 of styles in 15-20 denier. These are some of our most popular styles for autumn:

autumn denier sheer

Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio Sheen Tights (£6.99), Golden Lady Feel Nude 15 Seamless Tights (£4.99) & Jonathan Aston Sheer Coloured Tights (£3.99). 

Best denier for cold days in autumn:

This is a tricky one. We’d suggest going for 40 to 60 denier hosiery. These are some of our bestselling opaque tights and hold ups:

autumn legwear 40 -- 60

Cecilia de Rafael Chacal 50 Denier Coloured Tights (£6.99), Charnos Opaque 60 Denier Thick Hold Ups (£7.99) & Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 50 Opaque Tights (£14.99). 

Best denier for a regular day in Autumn:

Autumn is, with Spring, a period of high weather fluctuation, with weather moving from rainy to sunny and from windy to still in just a few hours. This is the reason why we’d suggest you stock up with 30 denier hosiery. Here you have some of your favourite semi-opaque tights and stockings of all the time:

autumn tights 30d

Pretty Polly 30 Denier Stockings (£4.99), Charnos 30 Denier Semi Opaque Tights (£4.99) & Fogal Opaque 30 Denier Tights (£22.99). 


It’s okay to wear sheer tights in winter and opaque hosiery in summer. Besides, some people seem to be more cold-sensitive than others. At the same time,  quality hosiery can make a huge difference. If you have ever tried a pair of luxury opaques you must know what we mean. If not… well, this is a good excuse to give yourself a little treat.

Now it’s time for us to hear your opinion. What denier do you usually wear in autumn? 

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