Hudson Spring/Summer

Hudson Spring Summer Purple Ankle Cuffs

Yet another brand of ours has delivered their spring summer designs to our workplace. And the products are now ready to be viewed by you, the faithful fashion lover. And what a set of designs! Hudson has always had a thing for flashy colours. And spring, of course, is the perfect time for a good dose of hue. As is customary at the UK Tights official blog page, we shall move through all the new Hudson spring summer designs. And we will be be sure to provide you will a brief description of what is on offer this season.

Hudson Batik

The first stop on our Hudson spring summer journey is Batik. It is a fantastically in-trend item that looks like it will be staying stylish for several more months. And why are we not surprised? It is a wonderfully bohemian piece that has never really went out of fashion in the first place. So it’s sure to be a winner this season!

Super Colour

The name of the next item gives you a pretty good idea as to what it’s all about. Super Colour is a medley of spots, stripes and bursts of colour. It would be perfect for summer parties and with such a varied array of shade. No one in their right mind could stay unimpressed for long.


We have also been given a design that is certainly not for the faint hearted. Mermaid is an explosion of pastel green and candy pink. It can’t help but leave the average onlooker stunned. And of course, Mermaid isn’t just a plain old block of colour. A tasteful floral pattern adorns this wonderful piece, making it perfect for wearing outside in the sun.

Hudson Capri Leggings

And now, for something a little bit different. The Capri Leggings are a mixture of footless tights and hold ups. And they are the first of their kind to be featured on our pages. They are the perfect spring/summer item that will suit everyone, hold up and footless lovers alike.

Fashion Ankle Cuff

Also on the theme of topless and bottomless, Hudson have also made a Fashion Ankle Cuff. It is a wonderful ankle accessory. This cuff starts half way up the calf and cuts off between the heel and ball of the foot. This little beauty is sure to be something for those who don’t want to be hindered by full length garments. But it is also for those that couldn’t possibly leave the house unadorned.

It looks like spring this year has already given us some things to be excited about. With something for every taste, and to think, it’s only been spring for a week. We still have many months worth of stuff to show you!

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