Offer of the Week: The Iceman Cometh!

We couldn’t give you the offer of the week yesterday, as it was the world’s most important holiday! Halloween!

But yesterday was still Monday, and an offer for you is still available, so here it is and it’s a great one!

Oroblu Morgana

Oroblu Wet Look Leggings

£29.95 £23.96

Morgana is a fantastic leggings design from one of our most respected manufacturers. It’s also a fantastic item to get now, in early November. Morgana is a thick, lustrous leggings design. It’s designed for the very chilly Italian Winter and it’s perhaps the perfect item to shield you against all the least likeable parts of the colder months.

Morgana leggings are also a much more usable product. They have a 20% elastane content, which is what gives these leggings their stretch and fit. They’re easily one of our most comfortable items.

Leggings like these are also insanely popular and look fantastic. Oroblu is first and foremost an Italian fashion house. The materials in Northern Italy are the very best, so the garment, naturally, should follow.

Of course, the reason that we’re lucky to get these on offer now is that atrocious weather approaches. Did you see the sky last night?! For weeks it has been going dark at a reasonable time, but it was pitch black at about 4pm yesterday. Possibly the work of the undead or something. But November is really the last time you should need to worry about colder weather. Take a discount like this today, and you won’t have to go hunting for whatever is left next month.

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