Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow!

Hello there. I’m just writing to tell you that, unfortunately, this will be my last post at the UK Tights blog…



…Until next week…


Tomorrow, I shall be shipping out with the UK Tights Starfleet Captians (Capt. Dawn Janeway and Capt. Jonathan-Luc Picard).

We’re heading to Verona, Italy, the land of Romeo and Juliet, until Tuesday of next week! The purpose of our trip? No, not a jolly holiday. Business. We’ll be seeing the owners of Trasparenze, one of our premier brands, in order to build a stronger relationship, and see about some new designs!

This should be very good for our customers, as you’ll have access to a bigger and better range of products over the next few seasons. If you’re a Blog reader, a Facebook fan or a YouTube subscriber, you’ll be getting a lot of fresh new content over the coming weeks, too! 🙂

I’ve never been to Italy before, so I can’t wait to get there, although I’ve checked the forecast and it seems to be rain. 🙁

I hope that everything goes well, because if it does, there’ll be a lot of new arrivals and a lot to write about.

Well, that’s all for the next few days as I shan’t be taking much writing equipment with me, so I’ll post something new and interesting some time late next week.

Wish me luck, and thanks for reading!

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