Tartan Tights and 3 Other Things for Burns Night

Burns Night. It’s Scottish. If you’re unfamiliar to the Highlands (or your one of Longshank’s men!) you might not be familiar with Scottish behaviour around holidays. In Scotland, it’s considered unacceptable to not celebrate to dangerous levels. If you don’t have a thousand people at your party, or your kitchen appliances are still intact the morning after, you’ve failed to actually through a ┬áreal party!

When you celebrate to the max (Max?… Mad Max?…), you have to include your celebration in all parts of your night. I had a phone call earlier from a woman looking for blue Tartan tights. Apparently, her husband was going to wear a Tuxedo with a blue Tartan bow-tie and a blue Tartan cummerbund. Madness! (Mad Maxness?…)

For Burns Night this year, you might be celebrating this weekend. If that’s the case, I’m lazy and this post is pretty useless beyond the chuckles. If you’re celebrating the following weekend, we’re still good. Before then, you’ll need to add something traditional to each part of your outfit.

Best style tips for for Burns Night

My suggestions for the best Burns Night outfit are thus:

Number 1: Blue Dress

Tartan is too often associated with the red patterns. But actually, the oldest and most traditional colour schemes are the blue ones. Go for the deep colours, in particular, royal blue. Good news, you don’t have to wear a Tartan dress, either! As your dress will be the main part of your outfit, you can go with just a plain foundation. It’s the accessories that we’ll use for all the rest!

Number 2: Black Shoes

You can wear shoes the same colour as your dress. The best match comes from the same colours or complimentary ones. If the dress isn’t too dark, black shoes are the best accessories to go for.

Number 3: Tartan Tights (you knew it was coming!)

Tartan tights. This is where your outfit goes from plain to exciting. Tartan tights are the best fashion accessory for Burns Night because, with a dress, you really get to show your legs, and your legs are perfect for hosting a pattern. A dress covers the whole body and if it’s a complex patter like Tartan, it can be too bold.

But Tartan tights give you the pattern without the shock value! Again, blue is fantastic, but any colours will go. Red is still popular, and everyone has their favourite version. Go with the ones you feel comfortable with…

Number 4: Feel Comfortable

Don’t let them tell you how to dress!

The important thing is to go with a pattern you love. If you’re not fond of the traditional square Tartan, go with Tartan tights that have a diagonal design. If you hate blue and red, go for green, Drummond is a fantastic design! The important thing with these themed parties is that you let yourself be comfortable. Don’t walk around in bright neon colours if that’s not your thing.

Mel Gibson probably won’t like me using him as a guideline for fabulous ladies underwear (especially since he spent all of that film striding around bare-legged). But I’m going to use his character anyway. When you put on clothes, you’re expressing yourself. So whether it’s Tartan tights or a very brave dress, wear what you feel best in!

And have a happy Burns Night!

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