The Perfect Bridal Tights

It is spring and now’s the time people are starting to get married. Bridal wear is such a traditional kind of clothing and few want to deviate from those iconic garments. The long gown, the lace lingerie, the veil or headdress. They’re all tried and tested and they look beautiful each and every year that passes.

But what if you simply don’t feel comfortable in something? Some people hate stockings and hold ups. They just aren’t the kind of things a lot of people prefer to wear and a lot of people find tights far more comfortable.

It seems that the only thing to do is a compromise between traditional style and personal preference… But of course, we’re all about choice, so that simply isn’t going to fly with us.

These are the new lace top tights from Couture. Lace top tights have never been done before, but Couture is a brilliant brand that is all about precision and perfection. They hardly ever produce fashion items out of their love for long lasting style over trends. This bridal tights design, then, has been put together by people who want to solve a problem, not make something that’s more fad than functional.

They truly have though of everything, haven’t they?

It has all traditional elements of bridal wear that you know and love and it certainly won’t be out of the ordinary when it comes to pairing with a gown. But the difference between this and stockings is that it feels exactly like a pair of sheer tights. You hardly know you have them on.

That’s something a lot of designers neglect. They forget that the most important person is the one wearing the item, not the ones who might see it. These bridal tights are there to be worn and to be worn with comfort, style and ease. It’s a wonderful item and a welcome addition to our range.

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