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Pierre Mantoux Stucchi Leggings

Pierre Mantoux’s fashion leggings are always beautiful, but Stucchi, it is something else entirely.

It is perhaps Pierre Mantoux’s most astounding design this season, making the most amazing use of colour, pattern and history.

Few designers would have the courage to combine royal purple, cyan and gold in one design, but if you’ve seen our post on Chevron recently, you’ll know Pierre Mantoux’s other seasonal designs are just as wild and visually astounding.

But there’s something unique about Stucchi. Whilst everything else they’ve released recently is creative and beautiful, these fashion tights have a special spot amongst their range. They’re the thinking woman’s fashion tights. There’s beautiful in everything Pierre Mantoux do, but there’s history in this piece.

The patterning is quintessential Renaissance. Like something out of an Italian palace, this design is ornate, grandiose and a study in symmetry. The pattern chosen adds a certain regal charm that no other fashion leggings we’ve ever hosted has managed to achieve.

The colours are equally as magnificent and inspired. Purple has long been the colour of kings, since the days of Roman emperors. The purple is a strong foundation to pick, but then to suddenly switch to a cold, bright cyan really does make this design a visual labyrinth.

These leggings are wonderfully creative and cutting edge, but there’s no denying their ancient origins. There’s something really quite powerful about the artefacts of history we see every day, even when they’re right in front of us without our noticing them. Stucchi, like many items from Pierre’s history, is a design full of symbolism that maintains a thoroughly modern look.

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