Fashion Tights of The Great Gatsby, A Closer Look

Fogal Charleston Lace Suspender Tights - The official tights of The Great Gatsby

We’ve already covered Fogal’s range of leg wear for The Great Gatsby, but haven’t yet given some of the more noticeable designs their own featured review. This is a travesty! These special fashion tights were designed for the actresses themselves and they’re as beautiful and majestic as an adaptation of Fitzgerald deserves.

These are the Charleston Lace Fashion Tights, an absolutely exquisite piece of leg wear design that captures everything the times of Jay Gatsby were about. Rich detailing, a powerful use of colour and a true appreciation of the classics.

The most classic part is, of course, the central pattern that runs up the front of the leg. The swirls and knots are something straight out of  Old Europe and they look incredible just by themselves. Combine this beauty with the stark contrast of black on nude and you have something truly powerful.

The Charleston Lace Fashion Tights are one of the most sensual and elegant designs Fogal has ever done and they’ve really managed to replicate what was so appealing about the Jazz Age, a time where opulence was loved and appreciated, put on display whenever possible for all to see and enjoy thoroughly! Perfect for summer parties and get-togethers.

The Charleston Lace and all of the fashion tights used in The Great Gatsby are now available from UK Tights.

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