They Remind Me of Fashion Tights

Miss Oroblu Fashion Tights

Good art is what you see between the brush strokes. Between the notes, the colours or the curves. Miss Oroblu Idole Fashion Tights are black, primarily. But it’s the white plumes of smoke that suggest so much more.

The only solid presence are the white butterflies in the centre. Their size and shape grab your attention, but only to hold it there. To set the scene. It’s the rest that’s far more interesting.

Mostly petals and stems, Idole is a ghostly, beautiful floral pattern. It’s not an ordinary pick for floral, but Miss Oroblu thinks differently from most designers. There is no need to repeat what has already been when you have an inexhaustible supply of creativity.

I’d be repeating myself, saying Miss Oroblu’s designs are no ordinary fashion tights. They aren’t, anyone can see it, but it bares repeating. Miss Oroblu have some of the cleverest designers in the business. They refuse to dust off a box of conventional solutions. They design what will be other people’s solutions. Idole is the result…. this season. There’s more, and there always will be.

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