Top 3 Chemise You Need To Know About

The chemise is an absolute staple of lingerie ranges and one of the most enduring items of lingerie out there. It is one of the sexiest and most feminine items around, as we all know, but it is also super versatile, something that gorgeous items can rarely boast. You can wear them in the day as a very easy-going garment that is almost like a short dress, or you can wear them to bed as an elegant item of nightwear too. So, have we got any specifics for you that we would recommend you try out right now? Yes, indeed, here are three chemises with different styles and looks. Each one being something you might like for various reasons.

Lingadore Precious Love Chemise

Lingadore makes some exceptional items, and they always have a variety in their range too. Here, they have gone with the minimalist angle, with a simple black chemise. The Lingadore Precious Love Chemise is silky, flattering in its cut and fit, and has that minimalist Bond Girl chic we love so much. This is an excellent option if you want something feminine but entirely sophisticated and not at all racy looking. It is a classy garment and a gorgeous piece that every woman should have one of. If you are not sure what to get from this list, make it the Lingadore.

Promise Luxury Juliette Chemise

Promise is famous for its incredible floral designs and ultra-feminine chemise. They are ornate where the Lingadore is minimal. Promise Luxury Juliette Chemise looks like something you would find in the wardrobe of a grand house or palace. They genuinely do add something from the 1001 Arabian Nights to your wardrobe. They are the perfect balance between sexy and sophisticated and are an ideal item to bridge the Lingadore and the next suggestion we have for you.

Dreamgirl Lace Chemise

Dreamgirl is a brand that is all about the devilishly sexy and the raciest of garments. Dreamgirl Lace Chemise is the perfect item to add for wearing only in the boudoir. It is a stunning piece of lingerie made for the woman that wants to let her hair down and feel super sexy. This is the sexiness and femininity of the Promise we mentioned, without the restraint, instead of going for only the wildest look possible!

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