Top Tips For Finding The Perfect Leg Wear

Top Tips

Lots of people find wearing hosiery daunting. That’s quite often because they haven’t had access to our top tips section. So how about a quick list of leg wear top tips? Here we have some dos and do nots of wearing beautiful leg wear. It can be easy to choose the wrong hosiery for the wrong occasion so here are a few tips to guide you through the process.

How To Decide What Denier You Need

First, you need to decide if you want to go for a sheer product or if you prefer something that is opaque. If it’s cold outside, then you might want to try something a little thicker so the higher the denier usually indicates the coverage of the leg wear.  A sheer product can be from 5 denier up to 30 denier. Then a 30 denier up to 300 denier is usually classed as an opaque. This is a good rule of thumb when choosing your leg wear. But is not necessarily the case especially if you need a support product, but that’s a whole different ball game!

Leg Wear Tips For Choosing The Right Colour

One of the most powerful leg wear top tips we can recommend is this next one. When it comes to shades and hues, the first thing we would say is don’t be afraid of colour. However, when choosing your favourite colour of hosiery, remember that you don’t want to look like you just stepped out of a child’s playbox. So make sure you choose a neutral or block coloured outfit to compliment your leg wear. For instance, if you’re going to choose an olive green pair of tights then make your outfit black to compliment them. Alternatively, if you have an outfit that is a beautiful charcoal grey, and you can match your hosiery to it for that monochromatic look, then go for it. Colour can make your outfit pop. So if you’re looking to revive your existing wardrobe, add some colour to your hosiery drawer.

If you’re wondering what colour leg wear to choose and you’ve decided against the pop of colour today, then it’s always best to try to match your hosiery to either your shoes or your outfit’s most predominant colour. For example, if you’re wearing a black court shoe then it would be a good idea to either wear black or nearly black tights. This will give the best coordination and show a seamless look from leg to shoe. Never wear a pale shoe and a very dark piece of leg wear. A white or cream shoe with a black tight is a massive no no!

What Do I Wear With Different Types Of Skirt?

Another leg wear tip is this. If you’re wearing a short skirt, make sure your legs are covered. Preferably in the heaviest of opaque tights. This will give a seamless look to your legs. And will also make them look longer. Also, if you’re wearing a short skirt the last thing you want is to have a run in your hosiery. The heavier denier of an opaque will reduce this risk. Alternatively, if you’re wearing a slightly longer skirt, shall we say thigh length and you’re teaming this with knee high boots, then there’s nothing looks better than a slither of leg showing that is clad in a beautiful sheer product.

Any Leg Wear Tips I Keep My Hosiery In Great Condition?

Always check your hosiery before you put it on. Always use hosiery gloves too, even with opaques. The worst thing where leg wear is concerned is to have a great big run along your tights. You want to look sophisticated, and a run can ruin your outfit completely. If you see the slightest snag, then ditch them. As the day wears on that snag will become a ladder or even a hole. Don’t risk it, get a fresh pair out of your hosiery draw and feel confident all day.

This leg wear top tips is a real jerry rig, and only to be used in a pinch. If you’re out and about and the unthinkable happens and you get a ladder in your tights, then fear not, there is help at hand. If you have a clear nail polish in your bag or even some hairspray then, gently pull the fabric away from your leg and give it a quick dab of nail polish to stop the run, or indeed a quick spray of hairspray will save the day also. Needless to say, don’t use a coloured nail polish for this!

Washing your leg wear is important and by far the best way to keep them looking good for longer, is by hand washing them and leaving them to air dry. However, if you’re busy, you can always use a hosiery wash bag and pop them into your washing machine on a gentle wash with a detergent made for woollen products. Never put them into the tumble dryer. This only serves to weaken the fibres in your leg wear and you’ll end up replacing them much sooner than you need to. Instead, make sure you hang them out to dry wherever possible.

What Happens When It’s Hot, But I Want To Keep Wearing Tights?

If it’s getting close to the summer months and you’d love to show off that beautiful pedicure you’ve just paid a fortune for, then fear not. Go for an open toe version of your usual tights or hold ups. This can look so chic when worn with your favourite open toe sandals. The toeless product that you chose should be as close as possible to your own skin tone. This way, it will appear as if you are not wearing hosiery at all. And yet your legs will have a gorgeous, flawless look about them. Just because it’s summer, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can go bare legged. Very few of us have flawless skin, especially on our legs. Not since we were about eight years old anyway. So make sure you choose beautiful sheer hosiery to compliment your summer outfits.

Finally, remember that your leg wear draw can be full of all different kinds of hosiery. Some coloured, some sheer, some opaque, but whichever you choose, make sure they fit properly. Also make sure they are washed and dried properly and that they complement your outer wear wardrobe beautifully. Fashion hosiery is also a great way to liven up an outfit that you might have had in your wardrobe for a little while. We all have our go to favourite skirts and dresses that we might wear for work so why not give it a bit of a boost with some fashion tights!

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