New Trasparenze Fashion Tights, Autumn/Winter 2011

Oh my gosh, new Trasparenze designs! A few posts back we were bemoaning the downfall of what has been a rather terse Summer. There’s a sheer lack of any actual weather or the number of days it’s chosen to occupy this year. This all means nothing now because Trasparenze Autumn/Winter is here and that means life is complete!

UK Tights visited Italy last year to see the Trasparenze plant. The fashion tights were being made right there in front of us. All of Trasparenze’s designers are the work of him and his wife. After our visit, the owner told our agent Paul, that even though he puts everything into the fashion collections, it’s always difficult to out do his last collection. We don’t think he has much cause for concern, do you?

This season’s fashion tights are astounding. Mr. Bandolini has never failed to better his last work and Autumn/Winter 2011 won’t be any different. This is a truly stellar assembly of sensual, feminine, expressive and trendsetting pieces. We’d like to talk about as many of these as possible before they are all gone, so we’re starting a new series as off today. We’ll cover a couple of the very best designs, which will be difficult to choose from, and we’ll throw a smattering of Autumn predictions in there.

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