UK Tights Acquires Luxury Legs

This month, we received word that one of our major competitors is closing down. They have made the decision to close their doors permanently and cease trading. The competitor we are talking about is Luxury Legs.

As of today, UK Tights took ownership of their website and its codebase. We have not purchased the limited company itself, as this is a defunct entity. So we won’t be taking over their old offices or their stock, for example. But as for their technical side, we are now the owners of their online presence. So if you visit any of your old bookmarked pages, you will come straight to us.

Who Are Luxury Legs?

We have been in competition with Luxury Legs for the best part of our history. They share a lot of similarities with us. They are, just like UK Tights, a family run business. The founders, Stephen and Madeleine, are a husband and wife team with a small group of employees. Their team is even around the same size as ours too. About the only difference is where we are located. UK Tights is in the North of England, they are located down in London.

We have always had a great deal of respect and admiration for the team over at Luxury Legs. We are very sorry to see them go. But Stephen and Madeleine are not just closing down their site, but retiring from the retail business. So we wish them the best of luck and a well earned rest from the busy world of retail.

What Happens Now?

Going forward, we are looking forward to welcoming Luxury Legs customers to our family. We have a lot of overlap with their product range, and we have so many other brands too. So their customers are bound to love our range every bit as much as they loved the Luxury Legs one.

And of course, to celebrate our acquisition, we are having a sale too. From today until the 24th May, you can get 20% off our entire site. Simply use the code LUX and give yourself a discount off all our products. Click here to start shopping now.


  • Mark Oldfield

    Hi UK Tights,

    I have found reading your blog very interesting, especially the part of you taking over Luxury Legs and celebrating your acquisition.
    You have stated that you are having a sale starting today until 24th March with 20% off your site.
    May I ask is this an error with the sale lasting until 24th March and it should be May or does your sale go through to March 2025.
    If you should be wondering why I am reading your email blog its because I am a Gay Crossdresser.
    I hope to enjoy reading your blogs and hopefully buying from you in the near future.

    kindest Regards

    Mark Oldfield

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