Wolford Black Sheer Tights Vs Wolford Black Opaque Tights

We always say Wolford is the favourite brand of hosiery of celebrities. As you can see in the picture below, Kate Moss isn’t the exception. Fashion editors also love Wolford, so it’s common to see Wolford tights featured on Fashion magazines. Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and Cosmopolitan Magazine have recently included Wolford black tights of all deniers. A coincidence? We don’t think so.


Black tights are the must-have garment in every wardrobe


If you fancy tights, you’ll probably have loads of black tights. However, when choosing a pair for your outfit, the main question is… Sheer tights or opaque tights?

Sheer tights:

  • PROS: Satin luxury finish. Suitable all year long.
  • CONS: It’s easier to rip them.


Wolford Individual 10 Tights black
Wolford Individual 10: One of the best sheer tights out there!

Opaque tights:

  • PROS: Cosy legs. Lovely matt finish.
  • CONS: Too thick for warm weather.
Wolford Pure 50 Tights black
Wolford Pure 50 Opaque Tights: Super soft and super comfortable!

Once you’ve decided for Harpers Bazaar’s style sheer tights or Vogue’s alike opaque tights, you need to choose the most suitable denier. Ultra sheer tights (10 deniers and below) are perfect for summer weather, whereas thick opaques (over 70 deniers) are ideal for winter. If you want something in between, you can always go for semi-opaque tights, such as the Wolford Perfectly 30 Tights. The finished effect is also relevant.

country living Cosmo Wolford 70 opaque tights
Source: Country Living @Cosmopolitan magazine/Wolford

A pair of opaques can have a satin finish, a matt finish or, even, a velvet touch, like the Wolford Opaque 70 tights in the picture above.

Tell us. Do you prefer Wolford Black Sheer Tights or Wolford Black Opaque Tights?


  • Pauly10d

    I think 30 denier tights straddle the seasons perfectly. The wolford 30 denier tights give a lovely even coverage with enough colour for winter but showing enough skin through to work into spring and later.


    For my part, I wear a Wolford tights every day, and I always favor sheer tights. As soon as the good weather is there, my usual model is the Wolford Satin Touch 20 d in caramel or fairly light color, but the Fatal 15 remains my favorite n ° 1, then the Individual 10. With the return of autumn, the color turns black, with the same models or models Neonglanz 40 or Pure50 during very cold weather – the sheer models remaining my favorite, worn under pants.

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